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The DVD & Video Reference Guide
All 82 episodes of I SPY are currently available on DVD. Below you'll find the titles and UPC codes of all I SPY DVDs, complete with a list of episodes.And even further below you'll find a table listing all episode segment titles...
I Spy, DVD Box Set # 1
Includes Vols. 1-7: A Cup of Kindness, Dragon's Teeth, Tigers of Heaven, Turkish Delight, Crusade to Limbo, Sparrowhawk, So Coldly Sweet (28 episodes)
I Spy, DVD Box Set # 2
Includes Vols. 8-14: Bridge of Spies, Sophia, Vendetta, Blackout, Little Boy Lost, The Medarra Block, Philotimo (28 episodes)
I Spy, DVD Box Set # 3
Inlcudes Vols. 15-21: The Lotus Eater; Tag, You're It; This Guy Smith, Pinwheel, Bet Me A Dollar, The Robert Culp Collection # 1 (So Long, Patrick Henry); The Robert Culp Collection # 2 (The War Lord) (26 episodes)
   I Spy, Volume 1: A Cup of Kindness
UPC: 14381982329
"Affair in T'sien Cha"
"Carry Me Back to Old Tsing Tao"
"Danny Was A Million Laughs"
"A Cup of Kindness"
I Spy, Volume 2: Dragon's Teeth
UPC: 14381982428
"Dragon's Teeth"
"No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise"
"A Time of the Knife"
I Spy, Volume 3: Tigers of Heaven
UPC: 14381982527
"Weight of the World"
"Tigers of Heaven"
"Three Hours on a Sunday Night"
"Always Say Goodbye"
I Spy, Volume 4: Turkish Delight
UPC: 14381982725
"The Barter"
"Turkish Delight"
"Return to Glory"
"The Conquest of Maude Murdock"
I Spy, Volume 5: Crusade to Limbo
UPC: 14381982824
"Crusade to Limbo"
"A Day Called 4 Jaguar"
"One Thousand Fine"
"My Mother the Spy"
I Spy, Volume 6: Sparrowhawk
UPC: 14381982923
"There Was A Little Girl"
"It's All Done With Mirrors"
I Spy, Volume 7: So Coldly Sweet
UPC: 14381983029
"So Coldly Sweet"
"Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?"
"Trial By Treehouse"
I Spy, Volume 8: Bridge of Spies
UPC: 14381983128
"Bridge of Spies"
"A Gift from Alexander"
"From Florence With Love, Part I"
"From Florence With Love, Part II"
I Spy, Volume 9: Sophia
UPC: 14381983227
"Rome Take Away Three"
"One of Our Bombs Is Missing"
I Spy, Volume 10: Vendetta
UPC: 14381983326
"Father Abraham"
"Child Out of Time"
"The Trouble with Temple"
I Spy, Volume 11: Blackout
UPC: 14381983425
"A Room With A Rack"
"Get Thee to a Nunnery"
"Mainly on the Plains"
I Spy, Volume 12: Little Boy Lost
UPC: 14381983524
"Little Boy Lost"
"Night Train to Madrid"
"Casanova from Canarsie"
"Cops and Robbers"
I Spy, Volume 13: The Medarra Block
UPC: 14381983623
"The Beautiful Children"
"Let's Kill Karlovassi"
"The Medarra Block"
I Spy, Volume 14: Philotimo
UPC: 14381983722
"The Honorable Assassins"
"Now You See Her, Now You Don't"
"Red Sash of Courage"
I Spy, Volume 15: The Lotus Eater
UPC: 14381983821
"The Lotus Eater"
"The Seventh Captain"
"Oedipus at Colonnus"
I Spy, Volume 16: Tag, You're It
UPC: 14381983920
"Tag, You're It"
"An American Empress"
"A Few Miles West of Nowhere"
"Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home"
I Spy, Volume 17: This Guy Smith
UPC: 14381984026
"This Guy Smith"
"Turnabout for Traitors"
"Happy Birthday Everybody"
I Spy, Volume 18: Pinwheel
UPC: 14381984125
"The Name of the Game"
"Suitable for Framing"
"The Spy Business"
I Spy, Volume 19: Bet Me A Dollar
UPC: 14381984224
"Bet Me A Dollar"
"Carmelita Is One of Us"
I Spy, Volume 20: So Long, Patrick Henry
(Robert Culp Collection 1)
UPC: 14381984323
"So Long, Patrick Henry"
"The Loser"
"The Tiger"
I Spy, Volume 21: The Warlord
(Robert Culp Collection 2)
UPC: 14381984422
"The War Lord"
"Court of the Lion"
"Magic Mirror"
"Home to Judgment"

Episode Segment Titles

Affair in T'sien Cha
Foul Play
Looking for A Train
Bad Fortune
The Real Cargo
Always Say Goodbye
Babysitting Winthrop
Undercover Emissary
Bath Party
An American Empress
No Questions
Born to Rule
Room Service
Explosive Ending
Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home
First Assignment
Kelly's View
The Missing Piece
A New Job
Blown Cover
On Ice
Danger in High Places
The Barter
A Room for the Ambassador
Proposal of Merritt
Business Negotiations
The Beautiful Children
Welcome to Athens
The One Above
Codes and Honor
Bet Me A Dollar
Getting Lost
Stupid Bet
Cut to the Chase
Lost and Found
Cloudy Details
Filling In Blanks
Legwork by Day
Follow the Leader
Bridge of Spies
A Tainted Gift
Killing Habit
A Foolproof Plan
Stopping Time
Carmelita Is One of Us
Everyone Wants Rudy
Two Men and A Baby
A Superior Act
Pox Marks the Spot
Carry Me Back to Old Tsing Tao
Recovering A Debt
Strange Payment
Fool's Gold
Wise Men
Casanova from Canarsie
Plan X
Keeping Herbie Happy
Driven to Danger
The Roaring Mouse
Child Out of Time
Old Wounds
The Price Paid
Business Meeting
Getting the List
The Third Wheel
New Clues
The Shanghai Bell
Mission Accomplished?
The Conquest of Maude Murdock
Simple Assignment
Jugando con Claude
The Mariachis
Choose Your Barrel
Cops and Robbers
Secrets & Lies
Tommy Returns
Scotty's Dilemma
A Sound Plan
Court of the Lion
Examining the Village
Waiting for the Man
Day Laborers
The Last King
Crusade to Limbo
With Friends Like These...
Making Headlines
Joining the Cause
Unwitting Martyrs
A Cup of Kindness
A Second Chance
Devising A Plan
In A Jam
Double Crossed
Danny Was A Million Laughs
Aunt Helen
Nobody's Watching
Close Call
Touched By An Angel
A Day Called 4 Jaguar
Looking for a Legend
A Russian Defector
A Tough Choice
Dragon's Teeth
Mysterious Trail
Marked for Death
Getting Too Close
Society Meeting
Father Abraham
The Volunteer
Taking the Bait
A Small Victory
A Few Miles West of Nowhere
Meeting the Locals
A Rock and A Hard Place
A Town's Tiny Secret
Bye Bye Bracket
Get Thee to a Nunnery
Follow That Spy
Watching George
Getting to Juan
Superior Sisters
A Gift from Alexander
Getting In Trouble
Setting Up the Major
Falling for Alina
Bitter Rewards
Happy Birthday...Everybody
Out for Revenge
The Gift
Going Out With A Bang
Crashing the Party
Home to Judgment
Blown Assignment
Unlucky Visit
A Sort of Homecoming
The Last Stand
The Honorable Assassins
Helping Out
Making A Promise
Shocking Escape
Stolen Money
It's All Done With Mirrors
Finally Broken
Spy vs. Spy
Set Up
Scotty's Gamble
Scotty's Dirty Dance
Head Over Heels
Completing the Mission
The Spoilers
Let's Kill Karlovassi
New Assignment
Closing the Deal
Finding A Double Agent
Falling Down
On the Ropes
The Rotten Truth
Little Boy Lost
13-Year Old Stranger
Amusing Afternoon
Alan Hides Out
Lost and Found
A Marked Man
Back From the Dead
False Codes
A Turn of Events
The Loser
Bright Ideas
Ramon's Game
To Save an Angel
The Lotus Eater
Kelly's Collapse
Playing Ulysses
Over the Edge
Clearing Things Up
Magic Mirror
Broken Spirits
Secret Words
Love, Pain and Sorrow
Final Reflections
Mainly on the Plains
Men of Honor
Traveling with Don Quixote
Los Fugitivos
The Duel
The Medarra Block
Seeking Sanctuary
A Puzzle
Stolen Secrets
The Key to War
My Mother the Spy
Baby Spy
Wanted Woman
Dangerous Curves
Shotgun Wedding
The Name of the Game
A Finesse Job
Manion's Lair
Hunting the Hunter
End Game
Night Train to Madrid
Mr. Personality
Bodie's Beauties
The Trouble with Nora
Last Stop
No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise
Coming Up Empty
Looking for Pink
Finding Eric Thorsten
The Switch
Now You See Her, Now You Don't
Mysterious Death
Disappearing Act
To the Rescue
Seeing Things Clearly
Oedipus at Colonnus
The Sword of God
Mysterious Aid
Unholy Plans
Oedipus Rests
One of Our Bombs Is Missing
Two Weathermen
A Confession
A New Problem
Leap of Faith
One Thousand Fine
Conflict of Interest
Wrestling with Memories
The Price of Greed
Hanging It Up
Serious Choices
Stefan's Surprise
Filling in Blanks
Mrs. Robinson
A Woman's Touch
Melanie's Plan
To the Rescue
The Red Sash of Courage
An Old Grudge
Buying Time
Undercover Party
A Matter of Honor
Return to Glory
Meeting the General
Sneaking In
Glass Pants
Rome Take Away Three
In Too Deep
Picture Perfect
New Bodyguards
A Room With A Rack
Damaged Goods
Testing Kelly
Cinema Machismo
Back to the Rack
The Seventh Captain
Undersea Mystery
The Rule of Seven
Ritual of Death
Mystery Lady
Holding A Grudge
False Hope
The Waiting Game
So Coldly Sweet
Delicate Deception
Voluntary Confession
Dead Defectors Deny No Tales
So Long, Patrick Henry
Long Night in Hong Kong
Running Out of Time
Heart of a King
Father Meets Daughter
Prisoners of Love
Getting the Ring Back
True Love
Foul Play
Stuck in the Desert
Bad Blood
The Spy Business
Walking Into Danger
Codes and Honor
The Killing Game
Suitable for Framing
Trading Places
Road Trip
Room Service
Tag, You're It
War Games
Caught Off Guard
Playing for Keeps
Game Over
Worth A Thousand Words
Strong Feelings
Together in Tokyo
No More Secrets
There Was A Little Girl
Spoiled Brat
The Secret of the Mask
To the Rescue
Orders From the Top
This Guy Smith
Getting Too Close
On the Run
Dead End Lead
The Real Mr. Smith
Three Hours on a Sunday Night
Lifting the Bait
Meeting Sorge
Making A Deal
A Little Insurance
The Tiger
Taking the Bait
Plan B
Pulling Out of Danger
Tigers of Heaven
Looking for A Geisha
On the Trail of an Assassin
A Matter of Honor
International Relations
A Time of the Knife
More Questions Than Answers
Chance Meeting
Back from the Dead
Twice Disgraced
To Florence with Love I
The Assignment
Safe and Sound
Continental Catastrophe
Rocco in Rococo
To Florence with Love II
An International Crisis
Delivering A Plan
Stealing the Madonna
Doublecrossed, Italian Style
Distorted Ideas
Ambassador Scott
The Fall Guy
A Matter of Revenge
Trial by Treehouse
Conning A Madman
Killing Kelly
Just Another Assignment?
Lights Out
The Trouble with Temple
The Cutting Room Floor
A Temple in Toledo
Making Decisions
Bad Timing?
Turkish Delight
Disappearing Act
Dr. Smithfield?
Toast of Distinction
Turnabout for Traitors
Kelly's New Partner
The Fugitive
Walking Wounded
In the Soup
On Trial
Repeating History
The War Lord
Holding the Bag
General Hospitality
Mysterious Ways
A Final Wish
Weight of the World
Human Guinea Pig
Isolating the Plague
Finding the Notes
Deep Undercover
Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?
Playing the Part
Two Guys in a Garage
The Lucky Duct
Taking A Chance

Other Items

I Spy
UPC: 14381502121 (Available)
Image Entertainment
All Regions, Released 29 December 1998
Includes: "A Few Miles West of Nowhere", "The Trouble with Temple"
I Spy, V. 1 - Bet Me A Dollar
ASIN: 630265047X (Limited Availability)
United American Video
NTSC, Released 4 January 1993
Includes: "Bet Me A Dollar", "Happy Birthday...Everybody"
I Spy V. 2 - Day Called 4 Jaguar
ASIN: B00000F0KX (Available)
United American Video
NTSC, Released 8 October 1998
Includes: "A Day Called 4 Jaguar", "It's All Done With Mirrors"
I Spy: Night Train to Madrid/Return to Glory
ASIN: 1563714493 (Available)
Bridgestone Multimedia
NTSC, Released 30 January 1998
I Spy: My Mother the Spy/So Coldly Sweet
ASIN: 1563714531 (Limited Availability)
Bridgestone Multimedia
NTSC, Released 30 January 1998
I Spy: Home to Judgment/Trial by Treehouse
ASIN: 1563714515 (Limited Availability)
Bridgestone Multimedia
NTSC, Released 30 January 1998
I Spy: The Honorable Assassins/A Few Miles West of Nowhere
ASIN: 1563714523 (Hard to Find)
Bridgestone Multimedia
NTSC, Released 30 January 1998
The Best of I Spy, Vol. 1
UPC:8429607802 (Available)
United American Video
NTSC, Released 8 October 1998
Includes: "Get Thee To A Nunnery", Mainly On The Plains"
The Video Collector's Edition I Spy:
Little Boy Lost
(Limited Availability)
3-G Home Video
NTSC, Released 1988
The Video Collector's Edition I Spy:
Happy Birthday [To] Everybody
(Limited Availability)
3-G Home Video
NTSC, Released 1988
I Spy Collection
ASIN: 6304866135 (Hard to Find)
Bridgestone Multimedia
NTSC, Released 30 January 1998
5 tapes, 10 episodes
I Spy 5-VHS set
Bridgestone Multimedia
(Hard to Find)
(500 minutes; NTSC)
Includes: "Night Train to Madrid"....."Return to Glory"....."Turnabout for Traitors"....."The Trouble With Temple"....."Home to Judgment"....."Trial by Treehouse"....."The Honorable Assassins"....."A Few Miles West of Nowhere"....."My Mother the Spy"....."So Coldly Sweet"
(see below)
No spy fan can resist rejoicing over the fact that I Spy is once again back on home video. Periodically, episodes have appeared on a diverse group of labels, but now Bridgestone Video has produced the ultimate collectible: a boxed gift set featuring 5 tapes and 10 episodes of the classic t.v. series which originally aired between 1965 and 1969. Starring Robert Culp and Bill Cosby, the show has remained wildly popular with fans over the decades. Curiously, during its original run, it was only a middling success in the ratings despite the fact that was consisting acclaimed by critics and had won several Emmys for Bill Cosby. The show was a relatively large budget affair, and this aspect is reflected in the videos. While most other series replicated exotic locales via the back lot or stock footage, I Spy was shot on location around the world.
The series presented Culp as tennis pro Kelly Robinson and Cosby as his trainer Alexander Scott. In reality, both men used these roles as a cover for their real professions: CIA agents. I Spy was an attempt to present a realistic view of espionage. As such, it often showed the profession as grimy and inglorious. When Kelly and Scotty made an error, it often had tragic consequences and they routinely bled because of their blunders. The show was also notable for presenting Cosby as the first black leading man in a dramatic series. Unlike today's shows, where heavy-handed pleas for racial tolerance are forced on viewers, I Spy presented the ultimate equality among the races by not dwelling on the subject at all. Cosby was simply portrayed as a hip, handsome and courageous agent who could "one-up" Culp with one-liners as well as with the ladies. When some southern NBC affiliate stations balked at airing the show because of Cosby's presence, Culp put his job on the line in support of him. The two have remained close friends ever since.
The excitement of the series is amply captured in this video collection.
Best of all, the collection of videos (recorded in the EP mode) is packaged in a collector's slip case with the spines of the tapes forming a montage of the show's logo and Robert Culp crouching in firing position.
-- Lee Pfeiffer