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24. Crusade to Limbo
Kelly poses as a critic of his own country's foreign policy in order to infiltrate a revolutionary group in Mexico.

[Location: Mexico]

French title: La croisade
Italian title: Crociata versa il Paradiso

Guest Stars
Howard Duff (Sean), Frank Silvera (Munoz), Antoinette Bower (Shelby Clavell), Gene Lyons (Tom Keith), Wesley Addy (Hubbard), Chuck Winters (Elliot), Don Ross (Jim Stanley), Carl Millitaire (Vasconcelos), Guilermos Ribas (Esteban), David Silva (Victor) Victor Eberg (Mexican Artist), Margarita Luna (Balloon Vendor), Lourdes Teran (Little Mexican Girl), Aurora Clavel (Mexican Woman), Sheldon Leonard (Himself)

Written by
Morton Fine, David Friedkin & Jack Turley

Directed by
Richard Sarafian

Original Airdate
23 March 1966

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