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25. My Mother, the Spy
Kelly and Scotty are sent to Mexico to recover a runaway American spy, only to discover that she has given birth and refuses to go back.

[Location: Mexico]

French title: Ma mère est une espionne
Italian title: Mia madre e una spia

Guest Stars
Sally Kellerman (Angela), Alejandro Rey (Ferenc), Theo Marcuse (Sereba), Walter Kray (Kalmar), Edward Coleman (Dr. Jalis), Begonia Placios (Nurse), Paul Micali (Father To Be), Jim Daris (Burly Man), Nicolas Colasanto (Cabbie), Alex Henteloff (Attache), Angel Martin (Flamenco Dancer), Anthony Brand (Flamenco Dancer), Pepito Funez (Flamenco Dancer)

Written by
Howard Gast

Directed by
Richard Benedict

Original Airdate
30 March 1966

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