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40. To Florence With Love (Part II)
Kelly and Scotty must break into a Florence museum to replace a forgery of a DaVinci painting with the real thing -- or is it the other way around?

[Location: Italy]

French title: La madonne des offices, 2ème partie
Italian title: A Firenze con amore, 2^parte

Guest Stars
Joey Heatherton (Katie), Gabrielle Ferzetti (Aldo), Eleanor Sommers (Maria), Mario Badolati (Bonfiglio), Steve Peck (Martini), Arthur Batanides (Rocco), Joe Lo Presti (Giovanni), Rico Cattani (Guard #1), Fabian Dean (The Chef), Paul Micali (Guard #2), Dominc Delgarde (Policeman)

Written by
Norman Borisoff

Directed by
Robert Butler

Original Airdate
30 November 1966

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