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51. Get Thee to a Nunnery
Kelly and Scotty compete with a sly British agent in their search for a man who knows the whereabouts of $14 million in hidden Nazi art treasures.

[Location: Spain]

French title: Un secret bien gardé

Guest Stars
Peter Lawford (Hackaby), Vincent Gardenia (Dr. Mellado), Lilia Skala (Mother Superior), Martin Garralaga (Brother Juan), Steve Mitchell (White Jacket #1), Sal Ponti (White Jacket #2), Jacqueline Hyde (Sister Monica), Ric West (Male Nurse), Ray Cole (Nurse)

Written by
Marion Hargrove; story by Barbara & Milton Merlin

Directed by
Alf Kjellin

Original Airdate
1 March 1967

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Kelly and Scotty meet their old nemesis, British secret agent George Hackaby, a suave and sly fellow with whom they've crossed paths several times before. Each time Hackaby gets the better of them, and our guys usually end up in jail or the hospital. This time Hackaby is on the trail of $14 million of art stolen by the Nazis during World War II. The art has been in the keeping of Goering's curator who is now a gardener named Juan in a nearby convent. Hackaby isn't the only one after the missing art; so are a band of German cutthroats, among them Dr. Mellado, who works at a local hospital. Kelly and Scotty take Hackaby out of the picture long enough to retrieve the stolen art treasures.
Get Thee to a Nunnery is another of those light-hearted comedy-adventures, in the same vein as Mainly on the Plains (the previous episode). Unfortunately, this one is not nearly as good as its predecessor. Peter Lawford is tailor-made for the role of Hackaby, but midway through the episode he's taken completely out of the picture, and all that's left is a rather uninspired thirty minutes in which Kelly and Scotty try various ruses to get into the convent so that they can find out what the gardener is hiding. They eventually succeed when they dress up as nuns, and just in time, too, because Dr. Mellado and his thugs are about to force the truth from the gardener. It's all very tongue-and-cheek, only this time Cosby and Culp tend to play the comedy too broadly. To see them do it better, watch Mainly on the Plains.