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72. Tag, You're It
A Soviet agent who has infiltrated The Department's training facility begins killing off trainees -- and putting the blame on Kelly and Scotty.
[Location: USA]

French title: Volontaires demandés

Guest Stars
 John Smith (Oliver), Paul Mantee (Halsey), Peter Duryea, Norman Burton (Brandon), Richard Webb (Ross), Roy Jensen (Abrams), Ron Burke (Grenoble), Jerry Sommers (Trainee #1), Leigh French (Cobalt Blue), Rosemary Eliot (Waitress), Roger Bowen (Rudin), Newell Oesterlich (Guard), Chris Ross (Digger), Soc Scortt (Plump Man)

Written by
Stephen Kandel from a story by M.J. Waggoner

Directed by
Earl Bellamy

Original Airdate
22 January 1968


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