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74. This Guy Smith
The search for a guy called Smith results in Kelly becoming the chief suspect in the apparent murder of a young woman.
[Location: USA]

French title: Un certain Smith

Guest Stars
Richard Denning (Delaney), Diana Muldaur (Sally), John Lupton (Sgt. Shaw), Ken Tobey (Russ Conway), James Jeter (Bus Driver), Arnold Lessing (Bartender), Monty Marbetts (Fat Woman), Steve Mitchell (Deputy #2), Dee Parker (Mrs. Stutman), Michael Preece  (Patrolman), Orren Stevens (Deputy #1), Larry Thor (Stokes)

Written by
Jackson Gillis

Directed by
Ralph Senesky

Original Airdate
5 February 1968

Jackson Gillis wrote two episodes of I Spy -- this one and "Lisa" -- and in both, Kelly and Scotty are out to expose an enemy agent operating Stateside. While "Lisa" was a spiritless entry, it had a nice twist at the end, and so does "This Guy Smith", as Smith, the alias of the enemy spy, turns out not to be a guy at all, but rather Sally, the pretty real estate agent with whom Kelly was fraternizing as part of his cover, and whom he thought was killed by a bomb meant for him. Both our guys have to elude the local law as they hunt their prey, and Gillis demonstrates just how resourceful each can be as they work separately to carry out the assignment, following a trail of dead bodies to a final confrontation in which Kelly suddenly becomes the hunted rather than the hunter.
It all hangs together quite nicely, and there's plenty of suspense, but what really lifts "This Guy Smith" is the tried-but-true device of having the story told in flashback, as Kelly and Scott attempt to explain to their control, Russ Conway, why they had to make complete fools of several law enforcement officials. The scenes with Conway are lively and humorous, and it's the most screen-time that the previously under-utilized Ken Tobey has in the entire series. That's a shame, as here the chemistry between Tobey and the two stars is very evident. The tag at the end is one of the most amusing of the series, as Scott looks on with growing disgust while Kelly catches one fish after another with an unbaited hook and finally resorts to using a water ski to catch one of his own. "This Guy Smith" was the sixth consecutive above-average episode, a fine run that made the middle of the third season one of the high points of I Spy.

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