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77. Shana
Kelly and Scotty must prevent a woman from trading top secret rocket fuel to the Communists in exchange for her brother.
[Location: Mexico]

Guest Stars
Gloria Foster (Shana), Albert Dekker (Indris), Mary Wickes (Mildred), Florence Halop (Clara), Edward Xolmans (Hotel Clerk), Wolf Rubinski( Andreyev), Santiago Urueta (Sanchez), Fernando Yapur (Ship Captain)

Written by
Robert Lewin

Directed by
Christian Nyby

Original Airdate
4 March 1968

Shana Davis used to work at Alamagorda, but she has stolen a sample of experimental rocket fuel and is willing to hand it over to the Russians in exchange for her brother, an American agent caught behind the Iron Curtain. Kelly and Scotty must prevent that from happening. They try to tell her that her brother is dead but she won't believe them. When she finally discovers that they're telling the truth it's too late -- she is abducted and tortured and forced to reveal the whereabouts of the sample. But that's okay, because Kelly and Scotty are monitoring the enemy's radio transmissions, and are there to recover the sample and save Shana.
This is a rather ordinary cloak-and-dagger tale, with one important distinction -- we get to see just how ruthless Alexander Scott can be when it comes to getting the job done. He's willing to let the Russians grab Shana and torture her, reasoning that when she breaks, and tells them of the sample's location, they will radio their man in Acapulco, Indris -- a transmission Kelly and Scotty will hear. That way they can recover the rocket fuel. Kelly balks at this cold-blooded scheme, but Scotty won't listen to the excuses his partner makes for Shana. There is no romance written into the script for Scott and Shana, which is a good thing, but it makes her farewell kiss somewhat gratuitous, as she is escorted back to the States, no doubt to face incarceration for her traitorous activities. One classic funny scene occurs in the Club Paradiso, when Kelly does some sly under-the-table work to get Indris in trouble with one of the other patrons, who thinks the Russian spy is being a little too touchy-feely with his girlfriend. Mary Wickes and Florence Halop are delightful as Mildred and Clara, the two spinsterish women delivering the rocket fuel sample to Acapulco; alas, their appearance is entirely too brief. Albert Dekker is well-cast as the sleazy, sinister Indris. Finally -- where did Culp get that godawful Halloween-orange shirt?

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