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79. Suitable for Framing
Little do Kelly and Scotty know that the senator they're assigned to bodyguard in Mexico is actually a look-alike working for the enemy.
[Location: Mexico]

French title: Conforme au plan
Italian title: Il delitto del secolo

Guest Stars
James Best (The Doctor), John Fiedler (Andrew), Dan Tobin (The Senator), Francisco Cordova (Vieho), Jose Angel Espinoza (Chato), Frank Baron (Policeman #2), Stella Garcia (Receptionist), Barry O'Hara (The Tourist), Kathleen O'Malley (Tourist's Wife), Lee Weaver (Senator's valet), Pat Newby (Nurse)

Written by
Arthur Dales

Directed by
Earl Bellamy

Original Airdate
25 March 1968


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