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The Women of I Spy

Alina Lenkova
(Played by Anna Karina)
in "A Gift from Alexander"

A Soviet major whom Kelly Robinson romances in order to acquire the Plotkin Manuscript. The problem for Kelly is that Alina is a shy beauty with the soul of a hopeless romantic. He feels like a cad for betraying her trust, as well he should. The sultry Anna Karina, born in Copenhagen, has had a long and distinguished career in film, and has even composed the score for several movies. The role of Alina was the only television guest appearance this highly respected star of Italian, French and German features ever made (though she did have a role in a series entitled Dossiers: Danger immédiat in the '70s.) She salvages an otherwise mediocre episode, and I SPY is much the richer for her presence.

(Played by Barbara Steele)
in "Bridge of Spies"

The beautiful Soviet executioner who poses as a tour guide in Venice when she's not using a switchblade to kill American agents. She's a somewhat twisted sister who gets her kicks out of romancing her victims, knowing that her beauty makes their hearts quicken -- right before her knife stops them beating altogether. British-born Barbara Steele is perfectly cast; she has made a living playing exotic, sinister femme fatales, and is perhaps best known for her roles in American and European horror films. She also starred in the cult soap opera Dark Shadows.
(Played by Diana Muldaur)
in "This Guy Smith"

Posing as a real estate agent, Sally is actually the enemy spy known only as "Smith". She fakes her own death to throw Kelly and Scotty off the trail, and then proceeds to murder the members of her entire network, and very nearly does in Kelly, too. Diana Muldaur was a familiar face on television from the 1960s through the 1980s, with countless guest appearances -- name a show and she's probably been in it -- and recurring roles in a number of series. She got her start as Jeannie Orloff in Dr. Kildare.
(Played by Linda Marsh)
in "Lisa"

Aram Kanjarian's mail-order bride, and the unwitting carrier of microfilm, Lisa is a sweet, unassuming girl who becomes a pawn in a deadly cloak-and-dagger game. Her husband-to-be turns out to be a bad guy, but there's a happy ending in store for Lisa, because Aram's younger brother is in love with her. Linda Marsh guest starred in numerous TV series in the 1960s and 1970s, including It Takes A Thief, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. and The Wild, Wild West.
(Played by Ulla Stromstedt)
in "Rome Take Away Three"

The stunningly beautiful Tilde is a model who is used by the villainous Coly Colisi to blackmail an American diplomat who later commits suicide. Tilde has no scruples; she seems indifferent to the fact that she is instrumental in the destruction of men's lives. That may be why Kelly Robinson isn't too upset when, as a result of his subterfuge, Coly has her murdered. That allows Kelly and Scott to do a tidy job of framing Coly for her death. Stromstedt has appeared in only a handful of films, and had a recurring role in the TV series Flipper.
(Played by Delia Boccardo)
in "Oedipus at Colonus"

The granddaughter of the Jahbad, educated in England, she facilitates Jahbad's scheme of revenge by keeping Kelly and Scotty occupied with several "escapes."
An important role played with grace by the beautiful, Italian-born Boccardo (b. 1.29.48), a movie star who made only two television guest appearances. (The other was in It Takes A Thief.)