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On Location with I SPY
I thought it would be fun, and, hopefully, of interest to other I SPY fans, to do a little exploring and find out what some of the more memorable locations used in I SPY look like these days. I'm pretty certain there are real aficionados out there who have actually traveled in person to some of the locales, and if any are inclined to offer some of their photos for inclusion in this section, they may rest assured they will receive not only all due credit but also my profuse thanks. I'm starting out with a couple of extraordinary locations used during the third season of filming in Mexico, but much more will be added as soon as I can find the pictures I'm looking for.

(1) The island of Janitzio, in Lake Patzcuaro, in Michoacan State, Mexico, was the principal location for the episode "The Spy Business."
It is here that defector Jan Hasel is brought for debriefing, and where Robinson and Scott must fight off the hit squad dispatched to silence Hasel.
(2) The statue of Jose Maria Morelos dominates the small island -- it is here that Robinson and Scott find the wayward Hasel.
(3) A panoramic view of Lake Patzcuaro, including Janitzio (center) similar to the view from the road on which the Mustang Scott and Robinson are driving breaks down.
(4) The colectivo launch transports people too and from Janitzio during the day, about every 30 minutes. Both Robinson and Scott and the hit squad arrive on the island by this means.

(5) A street in Janitzio; they're all steep, and several are featured in the episode.

(6) & (7) Two landmark buildings off Guadalajara's central plaza, the one on the right being the 16th century Cathedral, and both featured in the scene where the hit squad is informed of Hasel's whereabouts.


(1) The town of Patzcuaro, on the shores of the lake by the same name in Michoacan State, Mexico, and location for much of the last half of the episode "Turnabout for Traitors".

(2) Robinson eludes Randolph and his henchman, Tomas here; he is seen in the background while they pass in the foreground.

(3) Scotty, who is trying to find Robinson, crosses paths with Tomas near this fountain.

(4) Wounded, Kelly seeks sanctuary in the Patzcuaro basilica. (You can get a much better view of the remarkable doors in the episode than you can in this picture.)