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"Scotty, I'll take the one on the left, you take the three on the right."

"Kelly, if we shoot those two we'll be on top."
"I'm hip."

Scotty: "Man, I'd like to know who
took the other chair."  

Kelly: "Now I ask you, do I look like a
tennis bum? Don't answer that."

Kelly: "Hey now, I paid a lot of money for this suave and debonair look."
Scotty: "Can you get a refund?"

SCOTTY: "Kelly, would you just go ahead and fire!"
KELLY:"I would, but you forgot to fill it up with water."

Kelly: "Okay, who made the crack about my sweater?"
Scotty: "We're supposed to move this where?"

Kelly: "How come he gets a gun and I don't?"
Scotty: "You have to look mean to get a gun, Kel."

Kelly: "So, this is Greece."
Scotty: "I know one thing -- it sure isn't Cleveland."

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