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Baroodi, Caesar -- What they call a broker in the spy trade, a man who will provide anything for a price. In I Spy Returns he attempts to abduct a Russian biologist named Cherbakov and sell him to Saddam Hussein for $3 million.  He is foiled by Robinson and Scott -- both Kelly and Scotty as well as their offspring, Bennett Robinson and Nicole Scott. Played by Jonathan Hyde.
Bashik -- Otherwise known as Abd al Salaam, the King of Kahdra, a young ruler Robinson and Scott are assigned to protect during his visit to Las Vegas in "Sparrowhawk". That's a tough assignment, since Bashik's chief security officer, Col. Halouf, and Bobby Seville, are scheming to kill him. Bashik has a child bride named Nezhmet. Played by Clive Clerk.
Beautiful Children, The -- The name given the thousands of children from Greece's northern provinces who have been kidnapped by the Communists, placed in state schools, and brainwashed, so that they can be used against their own people later. Andreas was one of these, and in "The Beautiful Children" is involved in an operation to smuggle them back across the border to freedom.
Bellamy, Earl -- With Christian Nyby, Bellamy directed virtually all of the third season. His episodes: "One of Our Bombs is Missing", "The Beautiful Children", "Laya", "The Medarra Block", "Philotimo", "Now You See Her, Now You Don't", "The Seventh Captain", "Apollo", "An American Empress", "Tag, You're It", "Turnabout for Traitors", "Happy Birthday, Everybody", "The Name of the Game", and "Suitable for Framing". Born in 1917 in Minneapolis, Bellamy also directed episodes for such series as Wagon Train, Perry Mason, The Donna Reed Show, Rawhide, Laramie, McHale's Navy, Get Smart, The Mod Squad, Medical Center, The Partridge Family, M*A*S*H, Starsky & Hutch, CHiPS, The Love Boat and Hart to Hart. In addition, he directed films like Seminole Uprising, Incident at Phantom Hill, Walking Tall Part II and Against A Crooked Sky.
Benedict, Richard -- (1923-1984) Director of the episode "My Mother, the Spy", Benedict also directed episodes for programs like Hawaiian Eye, The Virginian, Get Smart, Mission: Impossible, Dan August, Night Gallery, Harry O, SWAT, Quincy and Fantasy Island, among others. As an actor he appeared in such films as 1945's A Walk in the Sun, Smart Girls Don't Talk, State Penitentiary, Spy Chasers and the 1960 version of Ocean's Eleven.
Benkovsky, Ivan - KGB colonel who appeared in "A Gift from Alexander" and "Blackout"; though he believed Robinson killed Zili Markova in the latter episode, he gave Kelly one day to prove his innocence. In the end, he helped Robinson and Scott catch the real killer (Benkovsky's colleague, Boris), and then went to a Sidney Poitier movie with the two American agents. Played by Alan Oppenheimer.
Benoff's Toy Store Warehouse -- One of the two locations where Robinson and Scott were held captive by Soviet agents Josef and Boris in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up." (The other was the garage of a house in a residential part of Palm Springs.
Bercovici, Eric -- Writer of the episodes "Turkish Delight" and "One Thousand Fine"; also wrote the Shogun and Noble House TV miniseries as well as screenplays for such TV movies as Strange Homecoming and Chicago Story. He was producer for the abovementioned miniseries as well as the McClain's Law and Assignment Vienna series.
Bercy, Charles -- The alias of a Force One operative who tried to blow up Kelly and Scotty's Citroen -- with them in it -- on the road from Sevres to Paris in I Spy #1, using a bazooka. He also carried a 9mm Makarov in a shoulder holster and documentation indicating that he worked as an accountant for Michelin. Scott killed him -- and, according to "John Tiger", he was the first man Scotty had slain in the line of duty.
Billings, Andy -- One of Kelly and Scotty's fellow agents, who was killed when he stepped on a Soviet "dog" mine along the Turkish frontier. (I Spy #1)
Bonomi, Major Henry -- Chemical Corps expert out of Ft. Detrick, who briefed Robinson and Scott on Tabun at the outset of their I Spy #1 assignment. Bonomi supplied them with a short-range gas detector and a Lopair (long path infrared) detector, along with small gas masks and what appeared to be two flat aluminum cigarette cases which, in fact, contained three syrettes loaded with atropine, the only known antidote to nerve gas.
Boris -- Associate of Col. Ivan Benkovsky; he branded Zili Markova a traitor for engaging in a romance with Kelly Robinson and murdered her, then tried to pin the murder on Robinson in "Blackout". Played by Lawrence Dane.
Boris (2) -- A burly Soviet agent, partnered with Josef, who captured and held prisoner Robinson and Scott in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up." Boris and Josef also abducted Jolie Gagny. They were slain by Kelly and Scotty at a desert rendezvous where they intended to exchange Jolie for her scientist father's notes on a new propulsion system.
Borski, Major -- Leathery, veteran commander of the paratroopers who, joined by Robinson and Scott, raided the Force One headquarters located at the Marvin Farm in Maryland. (I Spy #1)
Brown, Elroy -- An American star athlete who defected to the Red Chinese in "So Long, Patrick Henry." He was engaged to Princess Amara, and was being used by his handler, Tsung, to promote the Afro-Asian games, which Red China intended to use as a means of extending its influence in Africa. In Hong Kong, Kelly and Scotty were assigned to invite Brown to return to the U.S., a job Scotty found distasteful, as he disliked Brown ever since a previous meeting in Tokyo, when Brown made fun of his patriotism. Played by Ivan Dixon.
Butler, Robert -- Director of the episodes "It's All Done With Mirrors", "Sophia" and "To Florence, With Love" Parts 1 and 2. Born in Los Angeles in 1927, Butler also directed episodes for such series as The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The Untouchables, Dr. Kildare, Stoney Burke, Star Trek, Batman, Mission: Impossible, Hawaii Five-O, Then Came Bronson, Kung Fu and, most recently (2001), The Division. In addition, he directed several Columbo TV movies and such films as Up the Creek, Night of the Juggler and The Barefoot Executive.
Bryant, Benjamin -- The subject of a mission in Hong Kong for Robinson and Scott; Bryant was a top ordnance scientist willing to turn over to the enemy microfilm of plans for a new high-powered army rifle he helped develop; this, in exchange for Wiang Lin, the Chinese woman he had married, and who was kidnapped by the Red Chinese. (CB#1)