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Cadre, The -- In "Lori"; A group of six agents specially trained by The Department as experts in detecting underground explosions. Five of them are murdered -- one falls to his death in Aberdeen, Maryland, another is shot to death in a Honolulu alley, a third is the victim of a hit-and-run in Paris, the fourth is drowned in Istanbul, and the fifth, Donald Forman, is knifed to death in a Paris disco right in front of Robinson and Scott. They are all victims of John Keegan, a KGB mole.
Cafe Mabillon -- Where Kelly Robinson arranged to meet Janine Didier. The cafe, located on the Boulevard St. Germain, was where CIA operative Pierre Gregory was murdered. (I Spy #1) It was a place frequented by poets and sculptors, and novelists like Terry Southern, and where one could pick up a cheerily uninhibited Swedish girl, if one were so inclined.
Carlo -- Waiter at a Seville bar called Julio's, who assisted Boris in drugging Robinson; Boris murdered Zili Markova a short while later and tried to frame Robinson for the crime. ("Blackout")
Carter, Robert -- Public relations representative for the Owen Maclean Foundation, who conspired with Katherine Faulkner in "The War Lord" to stage her disappearance during her visit to a Southeast Asian village in order to bring attention -- and funding -- to the Foundation. Played by Bill Curran.
Cartwright, Leftenant -- Commander of a truckload of infantry who helped Robinson and Scott in their pursuit of the Force One leader Theodore X. Morrow in Trinidad. (I Spy #1)
Cassidy, Jack -- Actor, who played Nick Fleming in "The Trouble with Temple". Born 3.5.27 in Queens, died 12.12.76. Father of Shaun and David Cassidy. Worked as a stable boy, dishwasher, hotel clerk, bellhop and salesman before getting his big break, and became a leading man in Broadway musicals during the 1960s, winning a Tony for his performance in She Loves Me. He guest-starred in such series as Maverick, Hawaiian Eye, 77 Sunset Strip, The Hollywood Squares, Night Gallery, Mission: Impossible and Hawaii Five-O and appeared in several made-for-TV movies as well as the Clint Eastwood film The Eiger Sanction (1975).
Charamboulis -- A wily old smuggler who has been instructed by the Greek authorities to render assistance to Robinson and Scott in their attempt to get Andreas across the Iron Curtain to freedom. He does all he can to sabotage that effort, and turns out to be Andreas' father -- a father who suspects that his son is a traitor working for the Communists. Played by Eduardi Ciannelli.
Chavez, Octavio -- Former Latin American dictator who fled to Spain with a large fortune and then became a member of the Force One Council. (I Spy #1) Chavez set up the dummy corporations that controlled the Panamanian steamship company used by Force One to transport men and material around the world.
Cheyenne -- CIA codename for Formosa (Taiwan), mentioned in Masterstroke.
Chez les Artistes -- Paris nightclub, at 114 Rue Pigalle, where Robinson met Claire Dimbleby. The club featured a chamber music group of pretty girls wearing plumed hats and large starched cuffs -- and nothing else.
Chuang-Tzu -- Chinese warlord who waged a futile guerrilla war against the Red Chinese from his base in an abandoned temple in Northern Burma. He abducted Katherine Faulkner, daughter of tycoon Sir Guy Faulkner, and she fell in love with him, dreamed up a ransom scheme in order to help his cause. Robinson and Scott delivered the ransom and got Katherine out during an attack by a Red Chinese detachment, during which attack Chuang Tzu was killed, along with many of the enemy, when he ordered the base's munitions stockpile blown up. Chuang was educated at Cambridge. ("The War Lord"). Played by Robert Culp.
Clara -- One of the two elderly women (Mildred being the other), who carried the flask of experimental rocket fuel to Acapulco, where they were set upon by Indris and his cronies, in "Shana". The flask was suspended on a string in the gas tank of their car.
Club 22 -- Nightclub on Avenida Cortez in Seville, Spain, where Robinson took Zili Markova on the night she was murdered. Robinson and Scott returned there the following day trying to find out who killed Zili.
Conley, Russ -- American agent and safecracker extraordinaire, also Kelly Robinson's instructor in spy school. Conley is accused of being a double agent when the enemy acquires a top-secret electronic component he was holding, and Kelly and Scotty are ordered to kill him in "A Cup of Kindness". Instead, they help him get the component back, only to discover that Conley has decided to sell the item to the highest bidder. He shoots Scotty in the leg before Kelly throws him off a cliff on Hong Kong's Victoria Peak. Played by David Friedkin.
Conrad, Michael -- Appeared in "Carry Me Back to Old T'sing-Tao" and "So Coldly Sweet". Born in New York on 10.16.25, died 11.22.83; Conrad guest-starred in dozens of series from 1948 to 1978, including Naked City, Perry Mason, Gunsmoke, Rawhide, Felony Squad, The Immortal, Mission: Impossible, Emergency!, Hawaii Five-O and Charlie's Angels. His film work includes The War Lord (1965), They Shoot Horse, Don't They? (1969) and The Longest Yard (1974). He was perhaps most famous for his role as Sgt. Phil Esterhaus in the long-running police drama Hill Street Blues.
Cooper, Hal -- Directed the episode "Casanova from Canarsie". In addition to being executive producer of the series Maude, Empty Nest and Gimme A Break!, Cooper directed episodes in such programs as The Art Linkletter Show, I Dream of Jeannie, The Flying Nun, The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Love American Style, The Odd Couple and One Day at a Time.