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Elysees 6-0421 -- Janine Didier's Paris phone number. (I Spy #1)
Evans -- CBS news correspondent and acquaintance of Kelly Robinson's; the two talked over old times on a Jamaica-Miami flight in Masterstroke.
Faulkner, Sir Guy -- Wealthy, powerful and ruthless British business tycoon (in munitions, among other things), whose daughter Katherine Faulkner was kidnapped by Chuang-Tzu in "The War Lord". Played by Cecil Parker.
Faulkner, Katherine -- Daughter of powerful tycoon Sir Guy Faulkner, educated at Cambridge, member of the international jet set. Katherine and Kelly Robinson were lovers for a couple of weeks prior to her becoming the willing hostage of Chinese warlord Chuang-Tzu. Robinson and Scott delivered the ransom to secure her freedom from the Chuang-Tzu's base in Northern Burma in "The War Lord", and discovered that Katherine had co-conspired with the warlord to get the money from her father. She was reluctant to leave Chuang-Tzu, but the warlord insisted that the agents take her out as the Red Chinese launched an attack on his base. Played by Jean Marsh.
Feng Tsai -- The main Red Chinese nuclear research plant, from which a 10 megaton hydrogen bomb is "lost" in Masterstroke.
"Fingers" Felton -- Jazz pianist who was Scotty's piano teacher, and with whom Scott is reunited in Geneva. Scotty tries to talk Fingers out of touring Czechoslovakia after identifying Felton's "guide" as a second-string intelligence agent for the opposition, but Fingers won't listen, and is arrested on trumped-up charges; the Communists plan to exchange him for the double agent, Regis. But Kelly and Scotty break Felton out of the Prague jail with the help of an organ grinder and his talented monkey, and get him back across the Iron Curtain by concealing the musician in the false bottom of a grand piano. (CB#4)
Flannigan, Art-- CIA field officer in the American embassy, Paris, ostensibly the Visa and Passport Section. He was a chubby historian, a member of the Notre Dame faculty before getting into the intelligence business. (I Spy #1)
Forman, Donald -- An agent of The Department and member of The Cadre, who is knifed to death right in front of Robinson and Scott in a Paris disco. ("Lori")
Frankel, Ernest -- Writer of the episodes "Philotimo", "Apollo" and "Turnabout for Traitors", Frankel also wrote for Perry Mason and scripted the TV movies The Reluctant Heroes and Murder in Music City in the '70s.
Friedkin, David -- (1912-1976) One of the producers of I SPY, Friedkin also collaborated with Morton Fine in writing 14 episodes -- "A Cup of Kindness", "Three Hours on a Sunday Night", "Tigers of Heaven", "Affair in T'sien Cha", "Bet Me A Dollar", "Return to Glory", "Lori", "Sophia", "Child Out of Time", "The Trouble with Temple", "Mainly on the Plains", "Laya", "Happy Birthday...Everybody", and "The Spy Business". He cowrote "Crusade to Limbo" with Jack Turley, "Rome Take Away Three" with Jim Ballinger, and "Pinwheel" with John Shannon, as well. In addition, he guest-starred as Russ Conway in the episode "A Cup of Kindness" and directed "Chrysanthemum", "Tatia", "A Room with a Rack" and "Night Train to Madrid". The Friedkin/Fine collaboration started in the 1940s; they wrote scripts for the Lauren Bacall/Humphrey Bogart radio series Bold Venture as well as the pilot episode for the Gunsmoke radio series. Their film scripting credits include Rod Steiger's The Pawnbroker. They wrote scripts for such series as The Virginian, Barnaby Jones, Banacek, Banyon and Kojak and developed The Most Deadly Game, which starred Ralph Bellamy, George Maharis and Yvette Mimieux. Friedkin directed episodes for Hawaii Five-O, Ironside, Switch and Sea Hunt, along with films like Hot Summer Night (1957).
Fujita -- Japanese businessman whose plastics factory outside Yokohama manufactured the bogus fire extinguishers used by Force One to plant Tabun in the Pentagon. He owned a farm on the Caribbean island Fujita where Force One leader Theodore X. Morrow sought refuge after Operation Destiny was foiled. Fujita was wounded by Kelly Robinson in one of the Shango caves nearby. (I Spy #1)