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Gagny, Jolie -- The beautiful daughter of scientist Lazlos Gagny in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up". Jolie was abducted by Soviet agents, who tried to exchange her for her father's notes on a new propulsion system. Played by Anna Capri.
Gagny, Lazlos -- A foreign-born scientist who had made the United States his home, and who developed a new propulsion system that the Soviets went to great lengths to acquire in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up"; specifically by replacing Robinson and Scott, who were assigned to protect Gagny, with two of their own agents. Played by veteran character actor Henry Wilcoxin.
Georgetown -- Upscale section of Washington DC, the location of Laura Tumbrill's party, attended by such notables as a graying Southern senator, a buxom blonde playgirl from the Agriculture Dept., a smiling CBS newsman, a smart-apple girl reporter from Time, a witty Israeli military attache, and a pair of spies named Kelly Robinson and  Alexander Scott, in the opening chapter of I Spy #1. James Baldwin had promised to come but didn't show.
Gimpel, Kurt -- Former SS general last reported in Egypt before reappearing as a member of the Force One Council. (I Spy #1)
Gobelin, Henri -- Known as "Le Grand Henri" by French sports enthusiasts, a former tennis champion and old friend of Kelly Robinson's, who played a five-set warm-up with Kelly at the site of the Versailles tennis tournament in I Spy #1.
Gregory, Capt. Pierre -- CIA agent handpicked to infiltrate an organization described as a French right-wing group, maybe remnants of the Secret Army, out to assassinate De Gaulle. (The group turned out to be Force One.) Gregory spoke flawless French. He'd been born in Paris (his mother was French) and had graduated from the Sorbonne. The CIA had recruited him from G2 and he had been used in Vietnam and Tunisia. As Gregory arrived at a meet on the Boulevard St. Germain, an old woman stuck a bunch of violets in his face. A few minutes later he was dead, killed by Tabun nerve gas. His girlfriend was Claire Dimbleby, while his contact with the organization was a woman named Janine Didier. He was buried at the Cimitiere des Anges in Sevres. (I Spy #1)
Gries, Tom -- (1922-1977) Directed the episodes "The Trouble with Temple" and "Magic Mirror". A Marine in World War II and Chicago newspaperman, Gries worked for Stanley Kramer and won an Emmy for directing the series East Side, West Side. He also created the series The Rat Patrol and directed such films as Will Penny (which he also wrote), Call to Danger, Breakheart Pass, The Hunter and the TV movie Helter Skelter. In addition he directed episodes for such series as Johnny Ringo, The Defenders, Stoney Burke, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., The Rat Patrol, Combat! and Garrison's Gorillas.
guns -- In the television series Kelly Robinson usually used a Walther P38, while Alexander Scott preferred a .45 automatic (probably a Colt). In "Dragon's Teeth" we learn they sometimes carried two sets of weapons, in case the first was taken away from them. Kelly Robinson carried a .38 automatic or a .357 magnum in I Spy #1, while Alexander Scott used a .357 magnum.