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Hai Wai -- The Red Chinese counterpart of the CIA, mentioned in Masterstroke.
Halouf, Colonel -- Chief security officer and provost of the palace of Khadra, whose task is to protect the king, Bashik, in "Sparrowhawk", but who in fact plots to kill Bashik and install a military regime in his country. Played by Michael Constantine.
Hanley, Arthur -- American agent posing as a dry foods salesman, he was murdered by an unidentified assassin on a golf driving range in Tokyo at the opening of "Tatia".
Hargrove, Marion -- Author of scripts for the episodes "Vendetta", "Get Thee to a Nunnery", and "Oedipus at Colonnus", Hargrove also scripted for "Maverick" and "Eight Is Enough" but is probably best known for the hit musical The Music Man.
Harris - Suave Englishman who assisted Alexander Scott in the latter's attempt to find out who had drugged Kelly Robinson in "The Lotus Eater". Though it's not clear whether Harris worked for The Department or as a liaison with British Intelligence, he was clearly a resident operative in Greece. Played by Michael Evans.
Hassan -- Large and menacing bodyguard of The Jahbad who, along with Samul, gunned down a group of radical Islamic leaders at the behest of his master in "Oedipus at Colonus". Played by Barry Shauzin.
Hernandez -- Mexican police lieutenant posing as a taxi driver who assists Kelly Robinson in his search for Karafatma's lair in "Turkish Delight".
Horst -- East German agent ordered to obtain from Don Ernesto Silvando his knowledge pertaining to antimissile defense in "Mainly on the Plains". He orchestrates the abduction of Silvando along with Robinson and Scott, and later orders the execution of Robinson and Scott (which isn't carried out) before being run down by a car driven by Silvando. Played by Carl Schell.
Hotel Pershing -- Located in Washington DC at 11th and Pennsylvania Ave.; the office of Mr. Donald Mars, the CIA controller of the Domino team of Alexander Scott and Kelly Robinson, was hidden underground, accessible via a secret passage from the parking garage. You had to dial a certain number in one of the garage's telephone booths, and then a wall of apparently solid cement blocks next to the booth slid open. "This whole sneaky bit is like something out of a B movie," admitted Robinson.
Hotel Venicia -- A run-down hostelry in Sevilla where Zili Markova was murdered in "Blackout".
Igor -- Russia's foremost judo expert, and an agent for the KGB, who, with Koski, was assigned to watch over Professor Shenko during the latter's visit to Tokyo. Igor was involved in the abduction of Lin Sommers, but ended up in the custody of Tokyo police after Kelly and Scotty rescued the girl, in "The Barter". Played by Michael Forest.
Indris -- Enemy agent posing as an artist in Acapulco, who was part of the plot to fool Shana Davis into turning over a flask of experimental rocket fuel in return for her brother, an American agent caught behind the Iron Curtain, in "Shana". Indris was killed by Kelly Robinson. Played by Albert Dekker.
Irena -- See Pappas, Irena
Irving, John -- Texas-born agent of The Department and a good friend of Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott. He was sent to Tokyo in "Tatia" to investigate the disappearance of two agents and the murder of a third. He was killed in Kelly and Scotty's hotel room by person or persons unknown. It was later learned that Tatia Loring was responsible for his demise.
Island Trader -- Name of the freighter aboard which Kelly and Scotty were to smuggle Professor Shenko, during their attempt to aid the professor in his defection from the Soviet Union. It was also the site of Gordon Merritt's death at the hands of the Soviet sharpshooter, Koski. ("The Barter")
Ivan -- The given name of one of the two Soviet agents who masqueraded as Robinson and Scott in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up." Ivan's partner was Vladimir, and both of them were killed by Kelly and Scotty.