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Jahbad, The -- Radical Muslim leader suspected of intending to launch an Islamic Jihad in "Oedipus at Colonus." Having spent many years in a British prison, he reappeared in Marrakesh, where he plotted his revenge against those who betrayed him following the Baghdad Revolt. In the end, he arranged his own death along with the deaths of other radical Islamic leaders. Played by Maurice Evans.
Jens, Salome -- Appeared as Lindy in "A Room With A Rack"; born 5.8.35 in Milwaukee, Jens has guest-starred in such series as Gunsmoke, The Rat Patrol, Kojak, MacGyver and Melrose Place,and had a recurring role in Star Trek: DS9 (as the female shapeshifter). Her film work includes Angel Baby (1961), Savages (1972) and, most recently, Room 101 (2001). She starred as Gert Kipfer in both the miniseries and regular series of From Here to Eternity (1979-80).
Jimmy -- Hong Kong-based club owner, puppeteer and informant, who was killed by Eric Thorsten before he could do anything but give Robinson and Scott a clue to the whereabouts of Kai Hu, the woman who helped Thorsten escape from American custody. Played by Mako. ("No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise")
Josef -- A Soviet agent, teamed up with Boris, who captured and held prisoner Robinson and Scott in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up." They also abducted Jolie Gagny, and were killed by Kelly and Scotty at a desert rendezvous where they intended to exchange Jolie for her father's notes on a propulsion system.
Jui-ching, General Lo -- Professional soldier, age 59 at the time of the events described in Masterstroke, and graduate of China's Whampoa Military Academy. Chief of Staff of the People's Liberation Army, Jui-ching was a square-faced man with eyes like razor blades. With Dr. Kuo Liang, he headed the secret mission that involved detonating a 10 megaton hydrogen bomb in an American port.
Jungle Warfare School -- Located in Panama, and attended by Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott as part of their training.
Kai Hu -- Eric Thorsten's beautiful accomplice in "No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise." She helped the enemy agent escape from American custody, only to be killed by Thorsten during his attempt to flee Robinson and Scott at her apartment in Hong Kong. She was a performer at the Pink Lady Club. Played by Jo-Anne Miya.
Kailong -- The name of the sampan Benjamin Bryant is hiding out on in CB#1.
Kandel, Stephen -- Wrote the episodes "There Was A Little Girl", "So Coldly Sweet", "Bridge of Spies", "Father Abraham", "Night Train to Madrid" and "Tag, You're It". Kandel also wrote for such series as Sea Hunt, Batman, Star Trek, It Takes A Thief, The Wild Wild West, Banacek, Barnaby Jones, Charlie's Angels, The Dukes of Hazzard, Hart to Hart and MacGyver.
Karafatma -- Turkish freelance spy who abducts three agronomists and Alexander Scott (who is posing as Dr. Roger Smithfield), in order to sell them to an unidentified country in "Turkish Delight". Scott drugs Karafatma and his associates, then poses as the freelancer to hand Karafatma, whom he identifies as Smithfield, to the buyers. Played by Victor Buono.
Karloff, Boris -- Actor, who played Don Silvando in "Mainly on the Plains". Born William Henry Platt in London, 11.23.87; died, 2.2.69. Karloff's first credit was as an extra in the 1916 film The Dumb Girl of Portici, and went on to small parts in dozens of films until starring as the monster in Frankenstein (1931). He went on to play the title role in The Mask of Fu Manchu (1932) as well as The Mummy (1932) and reprised his most famous role in Bride of Frankenstein (1935) and Son of Frankenstein (1939). His other films include The Body Snatcher, The Terror, House of Evil and The Fear Chamber. He played Don Quixote in a 1952 television production, and guest-starred in such series as Suspense, Robert Montgomery Presents, Thriller, The Wild Wild West and The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Karp -- CIA man in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, whose cover was ownership of a watch, perfume and camera shop that sold duty-free items to tourists. He assisted Robinson and Scott in their pursuit of Force One leader Theodore X. Morrow. (I Spy #1)
Kate -- A slim young Canadian redhead that Kelly Robinson spent a weekend with at a cabin on a peninsula near San Francisco. She was quiet, crazy, strong-bodied and her hair always smelled of lavender. This occurred seven years prior to the events described in I Spy #1.
Keegan, John -- A member of The Cadre, whom Robinson and Scott are assigned to keep alive in "Lori"; they discover that he is actually a KGB mole responsible for the murders of the five other members of The Cadre. He also kills Scott's friend, Jim Rogers. Played by Malachi Throne.
Knight Commander of the Order of the Scimitar -- Bashik awards both Robinson and Scott with this honor in "Sparrowhawk".
Korman, Capt. Bernard -- USAF pilot with the 363rd Tactical Recon Wing who flew an RF-101 out of Shaw Air Force Base over a farm near Gaithersburg, Maryland which happened to be the Stateside headquarters for Force One. (I Spy #1)
Koski -- Soviet national pistol champion who wass assigned to keep an eye on Professor Shenko during the latter's visit to Tokyo, lest Shenko attempt to defect to the West. Koski wass involved in the abduction of Lin Sommers, and wass the one who killed Gordon Merritt before Merritt could tell Robinson and Scott where the girl was being held, in "The Barter". Played by John Anderson.
Kitt, Eartha -- Earned an Emmy nomination for her performance as Angel in "The Loser". Born in South Carolina on 1.17.27, Kitt was the daughter of a white farmer and a black Cherokee mother. Her mother gave her up and she arrived in Harlem at age nine; by age fifteen she'd quit school and was working in a factory. In the 1950s she was singing and dancing with a troupe that toured Europe, and before long Kitt was very popular on the Continent. She made guest-star appearances in such series as Batman (as Catwoman # 2), The Nanny and Welcome to New York; her films include Casbah (1948), Anna Lucasta (1958) and, most recently, Holes (2003). She also provided the voice for the villainous Yzma in The Emperor's New Groove (2000). Orson Welles described her as "the most exciting girl in the world."
Kjellin, Alf -- (1920-1988) Director of the episodes "Vendetta", "A Gift from Alexander", "Bridge of Spies", "Rome...Take Away Three", "Tonia", "Child Out of Time", "The War Lord", "Get Thee to a Nunnery" and "Blackout". Originally from Sweden, Kjellin was trained for the stage and made his film debut in America as Christopher Kent. He also directed episodes for such series as Gunsmoke, Bonanza, The Man from U.N.C.L.E., Mannix, Cannon, The Waltons, The Six Million Dollar Man, Switch, Eight is Enough, How the West Was Won, Hotel, Dynasty and Scarecrow and Mrs. King.
Kurt -- East German agent and Horst's control, seen briefly at the beginning of "Mainly on the Plains". He orders Horst to cultivate a friendship with Don Ernesto Silvando and acquire Silvando's knowledge regarding an antimissile defense; failing that, Horst is to kill the old professor.
Kwan Tak -- The brawny "manager" of Tai Ping Exporters, Inc., the export firm that Kelly Robinson, Alexander Scott and Russ Conley break into to recover a top secret component locked in the company safe, in "A Cup of Kindness". Played by Lee Kolima.