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Marechal Ney -- The first-class Paris hotel where Robinson and Scott have a third-floor suite (303) in I Spy #1 -- a suite that's been bugged.
Markova, Zili -- Russian prima ballerina with the Moscow State Ballet Company, romanced by Kelly Robinson in "Blackout", and murdered by a jealous Boris, who tried to frame Robinson for the crime. Played by Zohra Lampert.
Marks, Arthur -- Director of the episode "A Few Miles West of Nowhere". Producer and director of the Perry Mason series, Marks also directed such films as The Roommates (which he also wrote), Friday Foster (which he also produced) and A Woman for All Men.
Mars, Donald -- CIA controller of the Domino team of Alexander Scott and Kelly Robinson in the novels; described as a stocky, smooth-faced man with a soft Carolina accent, Mars was also known as "Colonel Kent" and "Harry Borton". He was somewhere between 45 and 55 years old. His office, hidden at the end of a secret passage accessible through the underground parking garage of the Hotel Pershing in Washington DC, contained gray metal files and furniture and a television receiver. He kept a box of Reina Isabel cigars on his desk, of which Robinson often partook. Mars was the man responsible for teaming Robinson with Scott, and had seven other teams like them. Of course, Domino was his best team. In Death-Twist we're told Mars teamed Robinson and Scott together in 1961. And in Masterstroke we learn that Mars had been in the spy business since 1942.
Marsh, Jean -- London-born actress who played Katherine Faulkner in the episode "The War Lord". In addition to guest-starring in such series as The Saint, Doctor Who and The Persuaders! Marsh played housemaid Rose Buck in 54 episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs. (She was also co-creator of that series.) Her feature films include The Eagle Has Landed, Jane Eyre (TV), Adam Bede (TV) and The Pale Horse (TV).
Marsh, Tiger Joe -- Played a huge, menacing Red Chinese bodyguard in "So Long, Patrick Henry." Born Joe Marusich in 1911, he died in 1989 of heart failure. His career included roles in such films as Viva, Zapata!, On the Waterfront, Escape to Witch Mountain and Love at First Bite. He also guest-starred in episodes of series like Lost in Space, It Takes A Thief, The Streets of San Francisco and Simon & Simon.
Marvin Farm, The -- Located near Gaithersburg, Maryland, the farm was advance HQ for Force One assaulted by an American task force including paratroopers, Chemical Corps technicians, and Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott. After a fierce firefight the good guys prevailed; Otto Siegler was badly wounded and captured, but Theodore Morrow was not found. (I Spy #1)
Mather, Berkely -- Wrote the episodes "The Beautiful Children" and "The Seventh Captain." Mather also wrote for The Avengers TV series as well as the screenplays for The Long Ships and Genghis Khan.
McVeigh -- The assumed name of Kelly Robinson when he boards the Azrou in "The Beautiful Children".
Melina -- Employed by Sorge, this hefty matron roughed Alexander Scott up in "The Lotus Eater"; she was assigned by Sorge to keep an eye on Kelly Robinson and Irena in a private seaside lodge on Santorini.
Mellado, Dr. - German physician working in Spain, who becomes aware of the fact that Juan Nepomutheno, a convent gardener, is the key to finding $14 million worth of lost art. Mellado and his cronies, some German, some Spanish, attempt to force the gardener to reveal the whereabouts of the art. Played by Vincent Gardenia.
Merritt, Gordon - Australian-born criminal working out of Tokyo who acts as go-between for the Soviets who kidnap Lin Sommers in "The Barter". Robinson and Scott try to force Merritt to tell them of the girl's whereabouts by making it appear to his Soviet handlers that he has turned against them. Merritt is killed by Koski before he can give them the information, however. Played by Roger C. Carmel.
Mickey -- A bellhop at Hong Kong's Peninsula Hotel, who aided Kelly and Scotty in "So Long, Patrick Henry." Mickey was obsessed with 007, and, much to Kelly's chagrin, was determined to participate in some cloak-and-dagger exploits. Played by Rickey Der.
Mildred -- One of two elderly women (Clara being the other), who carried the flask of expermental rocket fuel to Acapulco, and who were menaced by Indris and two gun-toting cronies in "Shana". The flask was suspended by a string in the gas tank of their car.
Mittleman, Rick -- Wrote the episodes "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?" and "Casanova from Canarsie". He also wrote for such series as Bewitched, Get Smart, M*A*S*H, Alice, Remington Steele and MacGyver.
Morelli -- A contact in Rome, who was supposed to give Robinson and Scott the "Naples briefing" -- except that Robinson was absent due to the fact that he'd been kidnapped by the Turazzi family. ("Vendetta")
Moroccan Mule -- A mixed drink invented by Kelly Robinson. Apart from the fact that it contains a slice of orange, its ingredients are unknown. ("The Beautiful Children")
Morrow, Theodore Xavier -- The master villain of I Spy #1, whose alias was Demain. Morrowhad commanded an Oklahoma National Guard regiment that fought in the Pacific Theater in World War II and won six medals, including two Purple Hearts. In the regular army he won a Silver Star in Korea, after which he completed a tour of duty at the Command and General Staff School at Leavenworth, Kansas. He then attended the paratrooper and ranger schools at Fort Benning. He was assigned to the Army's European headquarters in Heidelberg when he was passed over for promotion. He began to associate with Fascists and was charged with spreading Nazi propaganda. He behaved so oddly at the official hearing that a psychiatric evaluation was ordered. In 1959 he was retired as unfit for further duty due to emotional instability. He lived at 1909 30th Street in Los Angeles until 1961, after which he was not seen again until resurfacing as the leader of Force One. When Operation Destiny was foiled he fled by plane to Trinidad, where he sought refuge on Fujita's farm. Pursued by Robinson and Scott, he supposedly perished when his damaged helicopter plunged into the great pitch lake.
Mousa -- Agent of the Royal Moroccan Intelligence Service, and liaison with The Department; a.k.a. "Moe", he assisted Robinson and Scott in their investigation into the possibility of an Islamic Jihad in "Oedipus at Colonus", and was murdered by the Jahbad's men. Played by Fouad Said, I Spy's director of photography, in his only onscreen appearance in the series.
Murray, Mr. -- An instructor at The Department's spy school near San Francisco, California, and mentioned when Robinson and Scott reminisced about their days at the facility, in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up."