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Raborn, Admiral Red -- Identified as the DCI of the Central Intelligence Agency in I Spy #1.
Rahman, Abdal -- An associate of Dr. Soembawa who assisted The Jahbad in making arrangements for an Islamic uprising in "Oedipus at Colonus". He threatened Robinson with a knife in a Marrakesh bazaar. Played by Milton Reid.
Ralston, Gilbert -- Wrote the episodes "Dragon's Teeth" and "A Time of the Knife"; Ralston also wrote for Combat!, The Untouchables, The Big Valley, Hawaii Five-O, The Wild Wild West and Naked City in the 1960s, as well as screenplays for Ben and Willard in the 1970s.
Reed, Bentley -- American consul in Hong Kong, who gives Robinson and Scott their assignment to find the escaped enemy spy Eric Thorsten, in "No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise." Played by Byron Morrow.
Regis -- A double agent that Kelly and Scotty nabbed before he crossed the Iron Curtain into East Germany. They used a magnesium flare to temporarily blind the squad of East German soldiers waiting for Regis. (CB#4)
Reisner, Allen -- Directed the episodes "Tigers of Heaven", "The Barter" and "Always Say Goodbye". He also served as director for such series as Rawhide, Branded, Felony Squad, The High Chaparral, The Green Hornet, Mannix, Hawaii Five-O, It Takes a Thief, The Streets of San Francisco, Kung Fu, Kojak, Airwolf and Murder, She Wrote.
Repulse Bay -- The setting for the exchange between the Americans and the Red Chinese involving Eric Thorsten and Tommy Richards. Robinson and Scott carry out a daring scheme to secure Richards' release even though Thorsten was dead, in "No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise." In the process, Robinson ruined a three-dollar watch, for which he was determined to receive reimbursement from the federal government.
Rich, John --Director of the episode "There Was A Little Girl", Rich also directed episodes for such shows as I Married Joan, Gunsmoke, The Rifleman, Bonanza, The Andy Griffith Show, The Dick Van Dyke Show, Gilligan's Island, Hogan's Heroes, T.H.E. Cat, All in the Family, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Benson, Newhart and Murphy Brown.
Richards, Beah -- Actress who played Alexander Scott's mother in "Cops and Robbers". Born 6.12.20 in Vicksburg, MS, she died on 9.14.00. A prolific actress, poet and playwright, she starred on and off Broadway and appeared in such films as Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (for which she earned an Oscar nomination), Hurry Sundown, The Great White Hope and In the Heat of the Night. She guest-starred in such series as The Big Valley, It Takes A Thief, Vega$, St. Elsewhere, Hunter, Hill Street Blues, Beauty and the Beast, ER and The Practice. She won an Emmy for her performance in Frank's Place and another for her last role in The Practice, just days before her death.
Richards, Louise -- Beautiful wife of American pilot Tommy Richards, who tried to find escaped enemy spy Eric Thorsten in Hong Kong on her own, and ended up saving Alexander Scott's life by killing Thorsten. Thanks to Robinson and Scott, she was reunited with her husband. Played by Sue Randall. ("No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise")
Richards, Tommy -- American pilot captured by the Red Chinese and a college buddy of Kelly Robinson's. The U.S. intended to exchange enemy agent Eric Thorsten for Richards, but Thorsten escaped and vanished into the teeming streets of Hong Kong. Robinson and Scott tracked him down, but he was killed by Richards' wife Louise, who saved Scott's life in the process. Robinson and Scott still managed to conduct the exchange using a daring subterfuge, reuniting Richards and his wife. Played by Steve Gravers. ("No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise")
Rickeby-Hackaby, George Ponson -- A suave British Intelligence agent Robinson and Scott competed with in "Get Thee To A Nunnery" and, prior to that, in Hong Kong, Capetown and at least one other time. On the previous occasions, Hackaby got the better of Robinson and Scott; this time, however, the latter gain the upper hand and recover $14 million worth of art lost since World War II. Played by Peter Lawford.
Robinson, Bennett -- Kelly Robinson's son, he's teamed with Nicole Scott (Alexander Scott's daughter) in his debut mission to Vienna in I Spy Returns. Bennett is the cautious, intellectual type. Played by George Newbern.
Roderick -- Tatia Loring's knife-wielding handler in "Tatia". It's not clear who he works for, but as she says he's in it for the money, and since his unseen associate is named Fu Yang, it's likely that he worked for the Red Chinese.
Rogers -- Fellow agent whose body Robinson and Scott found under the swimmer's platform off the La Concha Beach Club (Acapulco) in "Shana".
Rogers, Jim -- AWOL agent of The Department, brother to Lori Rogers, and friend to Alexander Scott, suspected of being the one responsible for the deaths of five members of The Cadre in "Lori". Scott went to college with Rogers; they played football together, and Scott punctured his eardrum while sparring with him. Rogers steals a phony codebook from Scott and is killed by KGB mole John Keegan. Played by Greg Morris.
Rogers, Lori -- Lounge singer, recovering alcoholic, and sister of Jim Rogers in "Lori"; she is being blackmailed by KGB mole John Keegan, and in an effort to get her off the hook, Jim steals what he thinks is a codebook from Scott. Lori has been serving (under duress) as a courier for Keegan. Played by Nancy Wilson.
Roman, Ruth -- Actress who played Maria in "Let's Kill Karlovassi". Born Norma Roman in Lynn, MA on 12.22.22 and died 9.9.99.  In 1956, she and her three-year-old son were two of the survivors of the sinking of the Andrea Doria. She appeared in such films as Stage Door Canteen (1943), The Far Country (1954), and The Bottom of the Bottle (1956), and had recurring roles in the TV series The Long, Hot Summer and Knots Landing. Her TV guest appearances include The Untouchables, Burke's Law, Dr. Kildare, Mission: Impossible, Mannix, Gunsmoke, Harry O and Murder, She Wrote.
Royal Racket Club (Hong Kong) -- Where Kelly and Scotty find a photo of Benjamin Bryant in Kelly's locker, and their contact, knifed to death, in the steam room. Later, Kelly is kidnapped from there, rendered unconscious by a knockout gas canister disguised as a can of tennis balls. (CB#1)
Rydell, Mark -- Director of the episodes "Carry Me Back to Old Tsing-Tao", "The Loser" and "Danny Was A Million Laughs". A former jazz musician who studied at Julliard, and an actor who made his film debut in 1957's Crime in the Streets, Rydell directed numerous films, including The Reivers, The Rose, Cinderella Liberty, On Golden Pond (for which he earned an Oscar nomination), The Long Goodbye, The River and The Cowboys. His TV directoral work includes episodes for Ben Casey, The Wild Wild West and Gunsmoke. Born in New York in 1934, he married Joanne Linville; his two children, Christopher and Amy, are actors.