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Samul -- Loyal servant of The Jahbad, he and Hassan gunned down a group of radical Islamic leaders in Marrakesh, at his master's order. Played by Frederick Schrelmer.
Sanchez -- American Intelligence agent who posed as a waiter to contact Robinson and Scott in "Shana". It was Sanchez who escorted Shana Davis back to the States, presumably to face charges for betraying her country. Played by Santiago Urueta.
Santelli, Baron -- Wheelchair-bound criminal kingpin who ran an international narcotics syndicate on three continents, and a member of the Force One Council. When the operation came unraveled, Santelli blew himself up with a bomb built into his wheelchair rather than fall into the hands of the authorities. (I Spy #1)
Sarafian, Richard -- Director of the episodes "Bet Me A Dollar", "Return to Glory", "A Day Called 4 Jaguar", "Crusade to Limbo", "Trial by Treehouse", "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up?", "Lisa" and "Home to Judgment". Born in New York, New York in 1925, Sarafian also directed episodes for Maverick, 77 Sunset Strip, The Twilight Zone, Surfside 6, Batman, The Girl from U.N.C.L.E. and Cimarron Strip. He also directed such films as Man in the Wilderness, The Next Man (which he also wrote), Sunburn and The Bear. As an actor, he appeared in Bugsy, The Crossing Guard, Don Juan DeMarco, Bulworth and Blink of an Eye, and guest-starred in an episode of MacGyver.
Sarigny, Etienne -- French banker and terrorist commander who financed the ultra-reactionary Secret Army before becoming a member of the Force One Council. (I Spy #1) He owns the Paris wine warehouse where the council meets. Described as a "perfumed aristocrat", Sarigny was the one who supplied the Tabun to be used in Force One's Operation Destiny. Stepfather to Janine Didier, who described him as a "rich sadistic swine" who had wonderful manners and the conscience of a hyena. He lived at 53 Boulevard de la Saussaye, an elegant house near Neuilly, which is where Kelly Robinson met Demain (a.k.a. Theodore Morrow) at a dinner party. Later, Robinson and Scott forced him to tell them what he knew of Operation Destiny, before turning him over to Flannigan.
Sarin -- A nerve gas, developed by the Germans during World War II, along with Tabun. The U.S. believed Sarin was the better weapon, and stockpiled it at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal north of Denver. (I Spy #1)
Satina -- Cherbakov's young wife in I Spy Returns, she is an ex-KGB agent who plots to deliver her scientist-husband to the Red Chinese. Played by Lynsey Baxter.
Scott, Nicole -- Daughter of Alexander and Lily Scott; in I Spy Returns she goes on her first mission, to Vienna, teamed with Kelly Robinson's son Bennett. When he learns of this, Alexander Scott trails along to keep her out of trouble. But Nicole proves that she's more than able to take care of herself. As Kelly enjoys telling Scotty, his daughter beat his marks in every aspect of training. Played by Salli Richardson.
Senesky, Ralph -- Directed the episode "This Guy Smith".
Seville, Bobby -- Crooner known as the "Prince of the Pops," Seville is Bashik's favorite performer; he also turns out to be the son of a Khadran military officer executed after a failed military coup. In "Sparrowhawk" Seville conspires with Colonel Halouf to kill Bashik, the King of Khadra. Played by Walter Koenig.
Shango Caves -- Series of caves on Trinidad, once temples where African slaves practiced their religion, and a hideout for Force One leader Theodore X. Morrow and his associate Fujita in I Spy #1.
Shenko, Professor - Russian educator/philosopher who wanted to defect to the West, and was helped in doing so by Robinson and Scott during the professor's visit to Tokyo, in spite of the presence of Igor and Koski, two Soviet tough guys assigned to make sure Shenko didn't stray. Played by John Abbott. ("The Barter")
Shepard, Donna - Lin Sommers' nanny/tutor who happened to be a Soviet agent who had infiltrated the Sommers household in Tokyo because Sommers was known to work with American intelligence from time to time. In "The Barter", Donna was exposed by Robinson and Scott during the Shenko mission. Played by Joan Blackman.
Siegler, Otto -- Former Nazi naval officer, blinded in 1944 when a British cruiser shot his cruiser out from under him. In I Spy #1 he had allied himself with Force One; he captained a small freighter with a Panamanian charter and sailing under a Liberian flag and whose 37 crewmen -- Chinese signed on in Hong Kong -- he killed with nerve gas or a Makarov fitted with silencer after they'd offloaded a shipment of 62 crates, each containing eight units of Tabun -- onto motor launches bound for the coast of Georgia. Once in the States, he wass provided with false papers identifying him as a Baltimore machinery salesman named William Dorn.
Silvando, Don Ernesto -- An elderly and eccentric professor at the University of Madrid who has knowledge vital to a new theory on antimissile defense. Robinson and Scott cultivate a friendship with him to insure that this knowledge doesn't fall into the wrong hands -- chiefly those of Horst, an East German agent assigned to acquire that knowledge by any means necessary. Silvando's obsession with Don Quixote results in an often comical and sometimes perilous excursion across Spain for Robinson and Scott in "Mainly on the Plains". Played by Boris Karloff.
Sir Frederick -- Head of British Intelligence at the time of "Get Thee To A Nunnery". George Ponson Rickeby-Hackaby is in direct contact with him regarding the search for $14 million worth of lost art.
Smith (aka Smitty) -- Official at the American Embassy in Athens with whom Alexander Scott worked in "The Lotus Eater".
Smithfield, Dr. Roger -- The American agronomist whose identity is taken by Scott in an attempt to find out why three other agronomists have disappeared in Mexico. ("Turkish Delight")
Soembawa, Dr. -- Associate of The Jahbad in "Oedipus at Colonus". Played by Marne Maitland.
Sol Dean Hall -- A building at The Department's spy school near San Francisco, California. Discussed during a nostalgic moment by Robinson and Scott in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up." It was, apparently, a very quiet place.
Sommers -- Prosperous and well-connected American businessman living in Tokyo who from time to time provided assistance to U.S. intelligence agents. He helped Robinson and Scott in their effort to expedite the defection of Professor Shenko in "The Barter"; as a result, his young daughter Lin was abducted by the Soviets. Thanks to Kelly and Scotty, though, father and daughter were reunited. Played by Philip Ober.
Sommers, Lin -- Young daughter of a prominent American businessman who was kidnapped by Soviet agents in "The Barter", and who was rescued by Kelly and Scotty. Played by Lisa Jager.
Sorge (aka Sorgi) -- Ruthless and unscrupulous, this freelance information broker used the beautiful Irena and an unidentified drug in a scheme to elicit classified information from Kelly Robinson in "The Lotus Eater". Sorge previously appeared in "Three Hours On A Sunday Night", in which he placed Robinson in the position of having to come up with a large sum of money in a very short period of time to prevent Scott from being killed. Played by I SPY producer Sheldon Leonard.
Special Services Agency -- The agency for which Kelly Robinson serves as head of field operations in I Spy Returns, and for which Nicole Scott and Bennett Robinson are agents. We speculate that at some point during the 25 years that pass between "Pinwheel" and I Spy Returns, The Department has been renamed the SSA.
Stefanello, Dr. -- One of the agronomists kidnapped by freelance spy Karafatma in "Turkish Delight".
Sub Scout oath -- Made up by Robinson and Scott, and recited by the former in I Spy #1: "Trust nobody. Be sly and mean. Be ruthless. Always shoot first -- especially old ladies crossing the street." This is, of course, in jest.