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Tabun -- Discovered by a German chemist named Schrader during World War II and mass-produced by Hitler. The Soviets shipped the entire factory to Russia after the war. At last report they had produced 60,000 tons of Tabun, or G.A., as it was also called. The Germans also invented Sarin. Both are organic esters of phosphoric acid derivatives. (I Spy #1)
Tai Ping Exporters, Inc. -- Hong Kong-based export firm that transships illicit items both ways across the Silk, Bamboo and Iron Curtains. Kelly Robinson, Alexander Scott and Russ Conley break into the company's warehouse to recover a stolen electronic component in "A Cup of Kindness". The company is managed by the hulking menace called Kwan Tak.
Taifu Barracks -- Enemy agent Eric Thorsten was being transferred to the barracks from Kai Tak Airport (Kowloon) when he engineered an escape from American custody, with the help of Kai Hu. ("No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise")
Teh Wu -- Ruthless operations department of Red China's Hai Wai intelligence outfit, mentioned in Masterstroke.
Temple University -- The institution attended by Alexander Scott, and mentioned in both the TV series and the novels as such. Scott earned a Phi Beta Kappa key there and played football (All-Eastern, 1957.)
Thorsten, Eric -- A dangerous and resourceful double agent who worked for the Red Chinese until he was captured by the United States. Intended to be exchanged for downed American pilot Tommy Richards, Thorsten escaped in Kowloon. Robinson and Scott searched for and finally found him, but Louise Richards killed him in order to save Scotty's life, presenting the agents with the difficult task of exchanging a dead man for a live one, in "No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise." Played by Kurt Krueger.
Timms -- The assumed name used by Scott when he boards the Azrou in "The Beautiful Children".
Tsung -- The Red Chinese handler of Elroy Brown in "So Long, Patrick Henry." He tolerated the difficult Brown until the latter appeared to be having second thoughts about his defection to Red China; then Tsung had both Brown and Brown's fiancee, Princess Amara, injected with typhus. Played by Richard Loo.
Turazzi, Alice -- Sister to Remo and Romolo Turazzi, she is used as the bait to lure Kelly Robinson intro a trap so that the family can put Robinson on trial for the murder of Remo. ("Vendetta") Played by Patrizia Valturri.
Turazzi, Ascanio -- Older brother to Remo, Romolo and Alice Turazzi, he acts as prosecutor when the family puts Kelly Robinson on trial for the murder of Remo in "Vendetta." Played by Fauzo Tossi.
Turazzi, Don Federico -- Patriarch of the Italian family that has a vendetta against Kelly Robinson in "Vendetta." Don Federico and two other elders preside over Robinson's trial. Played by Victor Francen.
Turazzi, Remo -- Twin brother of Romolo Turazzi, murdered by his brother in the Korean War, and a friend of Kelly Robinson's. Robinson is blamed for his death and put on trial by the Turazzi family sixteen years after the fact. ("Vendetta")
Turazzi, Romolo -- Twin brother of Remo Turazzi, and his killer, though he blames Remo's death on Kelly Robinson, launching a vendetta against Robinson. When he is exposed as the real killer, he commits suicide. Played by Oswaldo Ruggieri.
23rd Mapping and Photogrammetry Squadron -- Chinese Nationalist Air Force squadron of U-2s that flew regularly over mainland China, and which picked up the Dragon One radio message from a CIA plant at the Feng Tsai nuclear research facility. (Masterstroke)
Tyson, Cicely -- Raised in Harlem, Tyson was discovered by a photographer for Ebony, and quickly became a top fashion model. She was nominated for an Oscar for her performance in Sounder and won two Emmy Awards for her role in The Autobiography of Jane Pittman. She appeared in two I SPY episodes -- "So Long, Patrick Henry" and "Trial by Treehouse." She has also guest-starred in such series as The Courtship of Eddie's Father, Mission: Impossible, The F.B.I. and Touched by an Angel. Her other film credits include The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, A Woman Called Moses (in which she played Harriet Tubman) and The Rosa Parks Story. She also appeared in the landmark TV miniseries Roots.