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Wallace, Benjamin -- Economics professor and American agent who was missing, presumed dead in Tokyo, enroute to Saigon from Washington. Tatia Loring was responsible. ("Tatia")
Wayne, Carol -- Actress who played Temple Jones in "The Trouble with Temple". Born 9.6.42 in Chicago. she got her break playing The Tea-Time Lady on The Tonight Show in 1962 and went on to guest star in such series as The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Mannix, Bewitched and The Fall Guy. She made a few films, such as Savannah Smiles and Heartbreakers before her death by drowning in Manzanillo, Mexico in 1985.
weapons, secret -- Robinson used a weapon disguised as a blue pen that fired an incendiary device into the back seat of the Peugeot driven by a man tailing them around Paris in I Spy #1. The incendiary cartridge worked on a delayed fuse to set the backseat of the car on fire. Robinson also uses a .32 caliber gun built into the handle of his tennis racket to kill the "gardener" at the site of the Versailles tennis tournament, after the gardener tried to spray him with Tabun in I Spy #1.
Wechslers, The -- Dinky and Diane, who blow Robinson's cover in a Casablanca hotel bar, after which Robinson and Scott must go to great lengths to elude the surveillance of a team of enemy agents in "The Beautiful Children".
Wendkos, Paul -- Director of the episodes "The Time of the Knife", "Weight of the World", "Three Hours on a Sunday", "The Tiger", "Turkish Delight", "The Conquest of Maude Murdock", "One Thousand Fine", "So Coldly Sweet", "Lori", "Sparrowhawk" and "Little Boy Lost". Born in 1922 in Philadelphia, Wendkos also directed for The Big Valley, Dr. Kildare, The Wild Wild West, The F.B.I., Honey West and The Invaders. In addition he has directed numerous made-for-TV movies, such as The Delphi Bureau, The Underground Man, The Ordeal of Patty Hearst, Blind Faith and A Wing and A Prayer. His feature film credits include Gidget, Gidget Goes Hawaiian, Gidget Goes to Rome, Cannon for Cordoba and Guns of the Magnificent Seven.
Wilding, Bob -- A name in the recognition code phrase Lazlos Gagny used when he first met the men he (mistakenly) thought were Robinson and Scott, in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up." Wilding was described as an associate of Kelly's. Whether he actually existed or not is unknown.