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Yuze -- In "The Barter", a servant in the Sommers' Tokyo household. Played by George Takei, who would also have a small role in "Tigers of Heaven."
Zagor, Michael -- Besides writing the I SPY episodes "A Day Called 4 Jaguar", "Trial by Treehouse", "Tonia", "A Room With A Rack", "Let's Kill Karlovassi" and "Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home", Zagor also penned the 1986 TV-movie Of Pure Blood and The Josephine Baker Story, among others.
Zarkas, Garmemon -- An operative of the Greek Bureau de Surete who assists Robinson and Scott in their mission at the Greek-Bulgarian border in "The Beautiful Children". He returns in "The Seventh Captain", in which he becomes their foe, and nearly kills Scott. Played by Harold J. Stone.
Zurnichy -- A Soviet officer in charge of preparing two agents to impersonate Kelly Robinson and Alexander Scott, in "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up."