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9. No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise
Kelly and Scotty find their search for an enemy agent, to be used in an exchange for a captured American pilot, complicated by the pilot's wife.
[Location: Japan]

French title: Ni repris, ni echanges

Guest Stars
Sue Randall (Louise Richards), Kurt Krueger (Eric Thorsten), Mako (Jimmy), Byron Morrow (Bentley Reed), H.T. Hsiang (Jimmy's Father), Jo-Anne Miya (Kai Hu), Kai Hernandez (Secretary), Martin Priest (Lee Pink), Steve Gravers (Capt. Richards), Angela Korens (Stripper), Soon Taik Oh (Announcer)

Written by
Garry Marshall & Jerry Belson

Directed by
Leo Penn

Original Airdate
10 November 1965


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