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17. Always Say Goodbye
Kelly and Scotty are given the task of keeping a womanizing diplomat out of trouble while he's in Japan for official negotiations.

[Location: Japan]

French title: Toujours dire au-revoir
Italian title: Dire sempre addio

Guest Stars
Kent Smith (James Winthrop), Dan Tobin (Mael Secretary), Florence Marly (Elisha), Tanigoshi (Ito), Henry Fujikata (Mr. Takata), Tad Horino (Oshima), Koko Tani (Yama), Kenneth Chung (Servant), Lee Kolima (Ganko), Harold Fong (Vagrant), France Nuyen (Sada)

Written by
Robert C. Dennis & Earl Barrett

Directed by
Allen Reisner

Original Airdate
26 January 1966

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