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18. Court of the Lion
On the trail of stolen diamonds and radioactive isotopes, Kelly and Scotty find a Japanese village terrorized by gangsters led by a man who calls himself a Zulu king.

[Location: Japan]

Guest Stars
Godfrey Cambridge (Cetshyayo), Miko Mayama (Mei), Mako (Baby Face), Dale Ishimoto (Captain Shimatsu), Ed Parker (Udo), Joseph Kim (General), Rozelle Gayle (Zulu Guard), Morgan Roberts (Zulu Guard), Don Blackman (Zulu Guard), George Matsui (Mate), Mariko Taki (Reiko), Lois Kinchi (Old Lady), Yuki Tani (Girl #1), Mori Moto (Girl #2)

Written by
Robert Culp

Directed by
Robert Culp

Original Airdate
2 February 1966

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Currently available on DVD
(UPC: 14381984323)

Henry (Bud) Molin earned an Eddie Award nomination for Best Edited Television Program for this episode.