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19. Turkish Delight
Scotty poses as an agronomist to locate three other scientists kidnapped by a Turkish spy who intends to sell their knowledge to the highest bidder.

[Location: Mexico]

French title: Cuisine a la Turque
German title: Die Gaste des Karafatma

Guest Stars
Victor Buono (Karafatma), Franco Corsaro (Stefanello), Louis Mercier (De Pierrefeu), Nick Georgiade (1st Guard), Charles Horvath (2nd Guard), Rudolfo Hoyo (Beltran), David Renard (Clerk), Pepe Hern (Bellboy), Victor Millan (2nd Clerk), Nestor Paiva (Del Gado), Waever Levy (Man), Robert Hernandez (1st Porter), Abel Franco (Salesman), Andy Anza (2nd Porter), Diana Sands (Dr. Rachel Albert)

Written by
Eric Bercovici

Directed by
Paul Wendkos

Original Airdate
9 February 1966

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