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by Jason Manning. A long-lost fortune in gold coins and a beautiful woman marked for death by a sinister organization lead Kelly and Scotty into danger above and below the
sea. (October 2002)

by Aunty Alta. A prequel to the classic episode, "Home to Judgment"; Kelly and Scotty find themselves in the fight of their lives as they tangle with a band of ruthless and resourceful saboteurs. (September 2002)

by Jason Manning. The mysterious death of a journalist catapults Kelly and Scotty into the middle of a government operation to protect a witness -- an operation blown apart by a deadly doublecross. (July 2002)

by Aunty Alta, a missing scene from the episode A Cup of Kindness. Kelly is burdened with guilt after Scotty is wounded by Russ Conley -- an old friend whom Kelly refused to believe was a double agent. (June 2002)

by Jason M. Kelly Robinson has checked out of the spy game following the death of a beautiful Mossad agent, and Alexander Scott must bring his partner in out of the cold before a brilliant KGB spymaster uses Kelly as a pawn in the search for a missing Russian scientist. (June 2002)

by Aunty Alta, expanding on the classic episode Home to Judgment. Hunted by relentless killers, Scotty and a badly injured Kelly seek refuge on a farm owned by the latter's aunt and uncle, and in the midst of their struggle for survival, Kelly must fight demons from his past. (June 2002)

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