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Culp & Cosby TV Appearances (December 2003)

I Spy 40th Anniversary Bash!
September 15, 2005 will mark the 40th anniversary of the premiere of I SPY on NBC, and I SPY fans around the world are gearing up for a once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate! Click HERE for more information.

30 November 2003
Have added December's Culp & Cosby TV Appearances (see above for link).....Progress made in reworking the individual pages of The Episodes, and included the French titles to all the episodes that did not already have them.

20 October 2003
Part Two of the Culp Commentaries is now available. Access it from the link on The Stars page or go directly there by clicking HERE.

19 October 2003
Wesley Britton's book Spy Television is due out in January 2004. It includes a chapter entitled "Cold War Sports and Games: I Spy and Racial Politics" (Ch. 5). Reviewers have called it "the definitive history of the spy phenomenon that was a cultural outgrowth of the Cold War" and "A wonderfully comprehensive examination of the numerous spies who have passed through our living rooms over the decades." For more information, or to pre-order your copy, click HERE (external link).

Added the Italian titles of 42 of The Episodes. Thanks to Bernardini Cinzia for the list!

17 October 2003
Updated the I Spy Ecards, removing a few old images, adding a few new ones.....Completed (finally) the renovation of I Spy, A-Z.....My review of "No Exchange on Damaged Merchandise" has been added to The Episodes..... New entries in I Spy, A-Z (all from the aforementioned episode):
[Jimmy, Kai Hu, Pink, Pink Lady Bar, Lee Pink, Bentley Reed, Repulse Bay, Louise Richards, Tommy Richards, Taifu Barracks, Eric Thorsten]

6 October 2003
Have added (belatedly), October's Culp & Cosby TV Appearances (see above for link).

28 August 2003
Robert Culp made what was touted as his first and only convention appearance at Spyfest 2003, August 9-10 aboard the Queen Mary at Long Beach, CA. Other celebrities who attended: David Carradine, George Lazenby and Maud Adams. Actual intelligence and security specialists were also on hand. Several regulars at the I Spy Forum attended and spent time with Mr. Culp. To find out more, log in at the Forum by clicking HERE.

Back after a long and unavoidable absence, I'm in the process of revamping the entire website. Much of the work is done, though I've only started with The Episodes and I Spy, A-Z. I've posted the September Culp & Cosby TV Appearancesand an outstanding new entry in the Fan Directory.

3 April 2003
My review of "This Guy Smith" is available in The Episodes.....Another review of I Spy Returns (Ken Tucker's) and another excerpt (Movie Mom's) of the 2002 film that was mostly about the series, in their respective places in The Movies.....The Culp & Cosby TV Appearance Schedule for April is available (see above).

15 March 2003
Just for fun, added a page listing the French titles of all the I SPY shows, with a couple of images thrown in for good measure. You can link to it from the bottom of The Episodes page.....Also at the bottom of The Episodes is the link to a new feature in which the entries have been broken down by director and actor (click HERE).....I've also started On Location with I SPY to showcase the exotic locales where so many episodes were filmed; access it via The Episodes (or by clicking HERE.).....And I've begun transcribing the Culp Commentaries from DVDs # 20 and # 21, enhanced with a few photos. Access this from The Stars page (or by clicking HERE.).....Finally, my review of "Tonia" is available in The Episodes.

11 March 2003
Added a pair of reviews of the I SPY CD produced by Film Score Monthly to the appropriate page in The Music. Also added two reviews of I Spy Returns, recently released on DVD, in The Movies (or click HERE). My review of "Will the Real Good Guys Please Stand Up" is available in The Episodes (that makes 45, so far.) Added several reviews of I Spy on DVD in Episodes/DVD & Video Reference Guide (or just click HERE). Also, two more reviews (Jon Burlingame and Judith Newmark), in their entirety, of the 2002 film, because they comment at length about the series, in The Movies/I Spy 2002/Reviews (or click HERE). And, last but not least, an article from Electronic Media re: I SPY in syndication; see The Stars or click HERE.

New entries in I Spy, A-Z:
[Benoff Toy Store Warehouse, Boris, Desert Canyon Hotel, Jolie Gagny, Lazlos Gagny, Ivan, Josef, Mr. Murray, Sol Dean Hall, Bob Wilding, Vladimir, Zurnichy]

9 March 2003
Added several more excerpts from reviews of the 2002 feature film, only because they make mention of the series, in Movies: I Spy (2002). Also added a photo that accompanied the 1967 TV Guide article, as well as one accompanying the 1968 article. (See the TV Guide links on the Home Page.) Another addition: The I SPY entry in the St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture (see Home Page). Added Page 7 to Images, comprised mostly of "behind the scenes" shots, and also added several new images to other pages, as well as about a dozen screencaps to various Episodes. And "desirae" has become the latest most welcome addition to the I Spy Fan Directory.
New entries in I Spy, A-Z:
[Igor, Island Trader, Koski, Gordon Merritt, Professor Shenko, Donna Shepard, Sommers, Lin Sommers, Yuze]

26 February 2003
My review of "The  Barter" has been added to The Episodes. And the Culp & Cosby TV Appearance Schedule has been updated for March.

NPR used Earle Hagen's I SPY theme to augment its January 18th program, "Secret Government" (Episode 229 of WBEZ Chicago's This American Life radio program. You can listen to the program via RealAudio at the show's archive (click HERE, then scroll down to the aforementioned episode.)

Siren is releasing I SPY on DVD in the United Kingdom. The first two sets each contain six episodes and are Region 2. Below is the cover of Set # 1.

20 January 2003
New entries in I Spy, A-Z:
[Harris, Melina, Smith, Sorge, Irena Pappas]

16 January 2003
We regretfully note the passing of Ken Tobey, who played "Russ Conway" in numerous I SPY episodes. Tobey passed away December 22 after a lengthy illness, age 85. He appeared in over 100 movies since 1947, and starred in a television series entitled The Whirlybirds (1957-59). He was also noted for starring in several scifi features in the 1950s, including The Thing From Another World (1951). As Kelly's and Scotty's craggy, authoritative boss, he was a definite asset to I SPY.
Kenneth Tobey
Added a page re: the proposed 40th Anniversary Bash (see above). My review of "Oedipus at Colonus" is available in The Episodes.
Eight new entries in I Spy, A-Z:
[Hassan, The Jahbad, Mousa, Old Man of Ishmakhan, Perizadah,Abdal Rahman, Samul,  Dr. Soembawa]

12 January 2003
The Culp and Cosby TV Appearances (above) has been updated; a guest review has been added to the "So Long, Patrick Henry" page in The Episodes; D'Ranger has been added to the I Spy Fan Directory. Now that I have a new scanner, behold Page # 6 in The Images
-- ten great new pics. New fan fiction and the transcript of "The Spy Business" is forthcoming soon.

25 November 2002
My reviews of "Blackout" and "Shana" have been added to The Episodes (and I'm still waiting for a guest review!) The transcript of "Mainly on the Plains" is available; link to it from the appropriate page in The Episodes. And, thanks largely to the generosity of Tatia, I've been able to add a fifth page of pictures in The Images (and tried to improve navigation from one gallery to another, while I was at it). Last, but by no means least, Mark from Wilmington, Delaware has been added to the I Spy Fan Directory.

Twenty six new entries for I Spy, A-Z:
[Andreyev, Anglo-American Enterprises, Ivan Benkovsky, Boris, Carlo, Clara, Club 22, Shana Davis, Denaldi Gallery, Umberto Diaz, George Ponson Rickeby-Hackaby,  Horst, Hotel Venicia, Indris, Kurt,  Martin Landau, Lita, Zili Markova, Dr. Mellado, Mildred, Juan Nepomutheno, Paradiso Club, Rogers, Sanchez,  Don Ernesto Silvando, Sir Frederick]

18 November 2002
Want to network with fellow fans? Get listed in the I Spy Fan Directory (see menu).
Reviews of "Vendetta" and "The Beautiful Children" have been added to The Episodes; I've categorized the episodes by location, as well. Which country was the setting for the most episodes? Which episode was set in Burma? Click HERE to find out, or link to the page from The Episodes.
Twenty nine new entries for I Spy, A-Z:
[Philip Ahn, Dr. Rachel Albert,  Andreas, Azrou, The Beautiful Children, Charamboulis, Michael Conrad, Dr. De Pierrefeu, Hernandez, Karafatma, Eartha Kitt, Salome Jens, McVeigh, Moroccan Mule, Morelli, Jeanette Nolan, The One Above, Emilio Paolo, Phyllida, Dr. Roger Smithfield, Dr. Stefanello, Timms, Alice Turazzi, Ascanio Turazzi, Don Federico Turazzi, Remo Turazzi, Romolo Turazzi, The Wechslers]

6 November 2002
Added a fourth page of images (10 pics); also, images from the I Spy 2002 film and of its promo material; also, three new links -- John Stanley's article on Cosby and I SPY, info on the I SPY Videos, and a view of I SPY at Also, in The Music, added an external link to Deborah Young-Grove's piece on Earle Hagen's I SPY music, "Creating the Perfect Vibes for I Spy".
Eighteen new entries for I Spy, A-Z:
[Caesar Baroodi, Bashik, The Cadre, The Department, Donald Forman, Colonel Halouf, John Keegan, Knight Commander of the Order of the Scimitar, Lorelei Motel, Nezhmet, Patterson, Bennett Robinson, Jim Rogers, Lori Rogers, Satina, Nicole Scott, Bobby Seville, Special Services Agency].
My reviews of "Sparrowhawk" and "Lori" (The Episodes) have also been added.

2 November 2002
Added excerpts from the reviews of the just-released I SPY film; these excerpts compare the movie to the series, and generally have more nice things to say about the latter than the former; link to them via the I SPY 2002 page in The Movies, or by clicking HERE. Also, The November TV Appearance Schedule for Culp & Cos has been added (the link is above).

1 October 2002
Review of "Turnabout for Traitors" and "Three Hours On A Sunday Night" in The Episodes. (36 episodes reviewed so far.) The October TV Appearance Schedule for Culp & Cos has been added. Info on the three new I SPY DVD BOX SETS has been added (see the DVD & Video Reference Guide.) And, finally, new fan fiction, by yours truly, entitled "The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea."

19 September 2002
Important news!  The 1994 reunion movie I Spy Returns will be released on DVD on October 8. The suggested retail price is $19.98. The ASIN is B0006HAWO.

12 September 2002
The complete transcript for "Tatia" is available. You'll find a link to the transcript on the "Tatia" page in The Episodes.

7 September 2002
"Prelude to the Hunt" is brand-new fan fiction from the inimitable Aunty Alta -- an exciting prequel to the classic episode, "Home to Judgment".

 Reviews of "A Cup of Kindness" and "Anyplace I Hang Myself Is Home".
There are 13 new additions to I Spy, A-Z, including guest star bios and entries from "A Cup of Kindness" and "Tatia" (Keith Andes, Boris Karloff, Peter Lawford, Zohra Lampert, Beah Richards, Ruth Roman, Jack Cassidy, Carol Wayne,  Kwan Tak, Tai Ping Exporters Inc., Victoria Peak, Russ Conley, Roderick). Added one picture to The Images (3).

16 August 2002
Happy 71st Birthday, Robert Culp! (August 16, 1931)

29 July 2002
The fourth -- and final -- installment of Sheldon Leonard on I Spy has been published in The Creator. Reviews of "Trial by Treehouse" and "Get Thee to a Nunnery" have been added to The Episodes. And there are 5 new entries in I Spy, A-Z, all from the episode "Tatia" (Arthur Hanley, John Irving, Lyman, Benjamin Wallace, Tatia Loring).
A new section, Robert Culp & Bill Cosby TV Appearance Schedule, has been added. The August schedule is now available. Link to it from this page. (See above).

25 July 2002
New addition to the The Fan Fiction: "The Kiss of Virgins" by Jason M.
Go to The Music to find out about the new I Spy CD now available through Film Score Monthly!
Another link has been added to the I Spy 2002 page in The Movies, this one to a preview of the film (set for a November release) by Malcolm McDowell, who plays the chief bad guy, Gundar.

22 July 2002
In lieu of a transcript, the original (revised) screenplay for "The War Lord", written by Robert Culp, is available. Just use the link located on that episode's page (in The Episodes); it's worth reading because it's not your run-of-the-mill, garden variety script. Also added: a guestbook, on the Home page. Coming up: More fanfiction.

11 July 2002
The article "Little Fou's Big Revolution," the cover story of TV Guide's 23 March 1968 issue written by Dick Hobson, is now available. Just click on the appropriate magazine cover near the bottom of the Home page. The article offers unique insights into the lives of some of the I Spyers who worked behind the cameras. Also added: six new entries in I Spy, A-Z from the episode "The War Lord", and a review of the episode "Chrysanthemum."

Happy 65th Birthday (in advance), Bill Cosby! (July 12, 1937).

10 July 2002
22 entries have been added to I Spy, A-Z; all the details (less reviews) for the rest of the third season in The Episodes have been added; also, reviews of "The Name of the Game", "Home to Judgment", and "Red Sash of Courage"; (29 episodes have been reviewed, so far.)

5 July 2002
Added a new section -- the I Spy Classifieds. If you want to buy, sell or trade anything related to the series, try this venue. It'll be seen by other fans, and it's free. There's a new link, to updates on the new I Spy movie at the World of Owen [Wilson] website, in The Movies. Also completed: details (less reviews) for the rest of the second season in The Episodes, plus reviews of "Cops and Robbers", "Dragon's Teeth" and "Affair in T'sien Cha". Finally, The Links have been added.

1 July 2002
Added a third page, with seven new pictures, to The Images. The article from the 15 January 1966 TV Guide, Dick Hobson's piece on Robert Culp entitled "He Bears Witness to His Beliefs" is done -- just click on the appropriate magazine cover at the bottom of the Home page. 18 new entries added to I Spy, A-Z, many of them concerning the series writers. Also added the Site Statistics page (see link, above), a review of "The Loser", and details (less reviews) for the rest of the first season in The Episodes.

28 June 2002
The third installment of Sheldon Leonard on I Spy is now published in The Creator section. Also added: details for "A Gift from Alexander" in The Episodes.

20 June 2002
Brand new fanfic from Aunty Alta -- this one entitled "Facing Evil." Also added: details for "The Tiger" in The Episodes.

16 June 2002
Our second piece of fan fiction, "A Nice Place to Die" -- has been added. Also added: information on the soundtrack albums in The Music,  and details for "Rome Take Away Three" and "Magic Mirror" in The Episodes. A new page, linked to The Episodes and entitled The DVD and Video Reference Guide, lists all the I SPY DVDs and VHS tapes, episodes included, as well as a table with all 327 episode segment titles. (Don't ask how long it took to do that!)

13 June 2002
The second installment of Sheldon Leonard on I SPY is now published in The Creator section, excerpted from Chapter 11 of Leonard's autobiographical And the Show Goes On. Details for The Episodes "The Spy Business" and "Sophia"  have been added. Discuss Bill Cosby's development as an actor and his contribution to I SPY in The Messageboard, where you'll also find lots of info on Robert Culp's pre-I SPY work.

10 June 2002
The first Fan Fiction entry, by the inimitable "Aunty Alta", is not to be missed.  It's entitled "The Long Night", and its author is a very knowledgeable in all things I SPY.  Also, the Dick Hobson article from TV Guide 3.25.67, entitled "The Ptomaine in Spain Came Mainly on the Plane" -- an amusing look at the trials and tribulations faced by cast and crew in their global travels; just click on the appropriate TV Guide image at the bottom of the Home page. (I'll be adding the articles from the other TV Guides soon.) Also added: some info on Walter Wager, who wrote the seven I SPY paperbacks using the alias "John Tiger", on a page linked to The Books (at the bottom).

6 June 2002
Added four new Images and details for "Laya", "A Few Miles West of Nowhere" and "Now You See Her, Now You Don't" in The Episodes. There are 14 more entries in I Spy, A-Z, most of them from the episode "So Long, Patrick Henry." Added a link to Box Office Prophet on the the page devoted to the 2002 I SPY film (The Movies). The first of a four-part Sheldon Leonard on I Spy is available in The Creator section, excerpted from Leonard's book And the Show Goes On. Join in on the discussions of Culp, Cosby & the martial arts, and of Robert Culp's contribution as writer for I SPY on The Messageboard.

2 June 2002
Added some details to The Comics, as well as 11 new entries to I Spy A-Z from the first John Tiger paperback as well as the first comic book. The Episode details for "Father Abraham", "So Coldly Sweet", "The Trouble With Temple" and "An American Empress" are done. The Messageboard is underway with some great insights into Culp,Cosby and the martial arts. Last, but not least, the complete transcript of "So Long, Patrick Henry" is available. (The Episodes)

29 May 2002
Added 18 new entries to the I Spy A-Z Guide, including info on most of the episode directors.

27 May 2002
Completed The Episode details for "A Day Called 4 Jaguar" and "It's All Done With Mirrors". Added bios on George Newbern and Salli Richardson as well as another image for I Spy Returns (The Movies).

26 May 2002
Completed The Episode details for "Tatia," "Bet Me A Dollar" and "The Conquest of Maude Murdock." Added the Emmy nomination I forgot (Culp for writing "The Warlord") to The Awards; I SPY earned a total of 14 Emmy nominations in three years, winning four.

25 May 2002
Added page 2 of The Images, and 13 new entries in I Spy, A-Z; also, episode details for "Carry Me Back to Old Tsing-Tao" and "Tigers of Heaven" and got The Movies section organized. Added links, webrings and the I SPY TV Guide covers to Home.

23 May 2002
Added The Images; placed the first 20 entries into I Spy, A-Z, all from the first novel; began the transcript for "So Long, Patrick Henry"; added episode details for "Danny Was A Million Laughs".

22 May 2002 -- LAUNCH DATE